Friday, January 6, 2012

He Loves Me, He loves Me Not.

We've all been there. Trying to figure out if a guy likes you or not. Desperately checking your Facebook messages to see if he possibly sent you a message asking for your number. Well ok I'll admit if he doesn't know you exist yet he probably doesn't like you. But I put this question up to my guy friends and here are the dirty dets on how to tell if he's interested. 

Despite the common misconception that boys only talk about sports and sex they do sometimes talk about their feelings. Probably not to the extent that girls do but they may drop a "dude I'm into this girl" during their guy talk. This means that not only can you interrogate his friends (probably shouldn't actually do that) but also that whatever things other guys are saying will also be heard by them.

As it was put by my boy bestie, "We know about your past and what you did."So if you are wanting a guy to like you but you're hooking up with someone else they will know about it!

But here are some classic signs that girls misinterpret:

He looked at me- Just because I guys smiles at you or glances your way does not mean he is smitten with you. He could simply be trying to be polite or be noticing that you a raccoon eye going on. So don't read into it to much!

He texts you- This is a tricky one because you don't know what is normal for them. What's important to look for is when he texts you, how often. Do you notice him texting all the time when you're around him? Then he's probably just bored and wants to chat with you or is a player looking to get some. 

He messaged you on Facebook- This is where we start going into booty call land. Sure it's great that he messages you frequently but has he ever wrote on your wall or down any publicly viewable?? If not he's trying to keep his options open and doesn't want other girls to see. If he's messaging you, just how many other girls is he talking to??

These are mistakes that I myself and I'm sure many other girls and probably guys have made. We can't let our fantasy that they like us skew the reality that they may not. That's when we get our feelings hurt. If it seems like he's not that into you stop wasting your time and be with someone that is dying to be with you. 

As Always, Keep it Classy


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