Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keeping it Classy at the Club

While the title of this post may seem to be an oxymoron it in fact is possible to be classy at the club/bar. Many girls don't really make any sort of attempt to have any class at all which accounts for why we have such a negative perception. For those girls that really just want to go dance and have fun here are some tips to act and look classy at the club/bar.

Dane Cook's: I just wanna dance skit. Sooo true!!

  • Dress how you would like to be treated- The problem with so many girls that go to the club is that they dress like hookers. If you want men to just treat you like a piece of meat or you're looking for a one night stand then by all means displaying all the goods is the way to go. But if that's not the impression you want to give off then don't dress like it is. Simple as that. 

  • Sloppy drunk is never cute- After that 5th shot of tequila you may feel like you look like a million bucks but chances are you're not looking nearly as great as you think. You will either embarrass yourself or just attract the wrong type of guys. It's totally fine to be drinking but make sure to know you're limit so that you don't become sloppy.

  • Never, I repeat NEVER go alone- Clubs and bars are full of strangers that probably mostly have bad intentions. When you mix this with alcohol you have a dangerous combination. The rule I have with my girls is that we come together, we leave together, no exceptions. Unless of course it's a boyfriend or someone you already have know. But leaving with a stranger sounds like something you'll hear on 60 Minutes the next night. 

  • You are not obligated to dance with anyone- The social etiquette at a club or bar is much different than at most any other social setting. It's ok to just approach a girl with no conversation or even interest shown from her. This being said it's totally ok to just deny a guy with no explanation. So don't feel bad about hurting their feelings.

  • Boys will go as far as you let them- This not only applies to the club or bar but also to most any situation with men. You are in control of you're own body so never let someone force you to do anything you don't want them to do even if it's just them feeling you up. You can say no at anytime!!

While I feel like most of these things are common sense a lot of girls seem to ignore them and then complain about not getting respect from boys. So just some helpful hints for you all. But remember if you call yourself a classy lady you better act like one at all places public!!

As Always, Keep it Classy



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