Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giving Change A Chance

While I desperately wish that I was an exciting and adventurous girl that runs off to climb a mountain or flies to New York to meet a stranger on a whim I sadly am not. Occasionally I will do something spontaneous but mostly I like things to stay just the way the are.

I HATE change. I hate having to start every school year new with new classes, teachers, friends. I would cry almost every semester for the first week because I hated that awkward getting back into the rhythm of things period.

So naturally when preparing to come back to school for winter break after not seeing anyone for a month and knowing that lots of things have changed I was scared to death. I loved last semester. I liked my classes. I liked that we had our set time we ate lunch everyday and every Sunday night was movie night. Coming back was going to feel like starting all over again.

Now here's the wild part. I came back to campus and it was amazing there was nothing to be afraid of. Sure some friends were gone but there were so many still here that were over joyed to see me. Even though time has passed it was like nothing had changed, probably because in reality nothing had.

In my very first class instead of the usual awkwardly trying to find somewhere to sit because you don't know anyone and you just feel so uncomfortable I walked in to see that I knew nearly every person in the class. Not only that but my best friend has all of the same classes I do.

This was radically different for me then the scene last year when I was miserable most of the semester because I had no friends in my classes and no one to sit with in the cafeteria. I thought that changing from that was to scary.

Thank god I took a chance and transferred to the school I'm at now because I couldn't be anymore happy. I am truly where I belong and I am so incredibly lucky to be here.

So the moral to this little personal rant (sorry about that) is that sometimes we have to take a chance and make a change to get what we really want and find what will make us happy.

I know that change is scary but what's even scarier is that you may be missing out on so many opportunities to be happier because you're frightened! So the next time you're on the brink of making a big decision to change something GO FOR IT!!!

As Alway, Stay Classy


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