Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clear Bra Straps: The Bane of Women Everywhere

Concerts bring out all types of interesting outfits and styles but one particular accessory stood out more than others. The clear bra strap. To begin with it's January so why on earth this girl was wearing a tank top I do not know. And secondly they are alternatives to the clear bra strap.

(We still see them honey)

What makes this style so darn trashy is the fact that it tries to hide the fact that you have on bra straps but the problem is that WE CAN ALL SEE IT!

You're not fooling anyone by trying to "hide" your straps. Honestly just wearing a normally strapped bra would probably look less trashy then that. 

To make matters even worse. Some clear straps actually have designs on them! Doesn't that kind of defeat the entire purpose of clear straps? Let me tell you though, it's not cute. 

For girls that struggle with how to get around wearing the clear bra straps I offer a guide of helpful suggestions. 

#1 The Racerback Bra

#2 The Strapless Bra

#3 Convertiable Bra- For the practical girl. 
Victoria's Secret has a miracle 7 way bra!!

#4 The paper clip trick

If you do not have any of these types of bra's and are in a pinch I have used the paper clip trick. Loosen your straps on a normal bra and when you put it on have a friend pin the straps together with a paper clip. It will create an instant racerback bra!

Hopefully this can help in the crusade against trashy outfits on girls everywhere.

As Always, Stay Classy


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