Thursday, December 20, 2012

Since the world is ending...

In case you didn't know tomorrow is the Mayan apocalypse. Personally I don't believe the hype because this seems awfully similar to Y2K but I think that the worlds impending demise brings up some interesting things we should be thinking about.

So lets say hypothetically that the world is in fact ending tomorrow. What would you do with your last days on earth? I posed this question to a close friend and his response was go bungee jumping. While there is certain nothing wrong with that it got me thinking about why we put things like that on our bucket lists.

If you listen to that country song "Live Like you are dying" he mentions that he would go sky diving and ride a bull and all that jazz. Does is strike anyone else as odd that we feel like these are things that would make our life complete and fully "lived." Why have we only fully experienced life if we do a set list of risky activities like sky diving and bungee jumping? There's nothing wrong with wanting to do those things but if you could only do a few things where would your priorities lie?

We are encouraged to live everyday like our last and I think we interpret that as we should take risks when really I think it means you should appreciate what you have in this moment, right now.

My family has a habit of always telling each other I love you and hugging and kissing before we part. No matter if you're just going to the grocery store. I never hang up the phone without saying I love you to my parents or any of my siblings. For me living like you are dying means that you can leave the earth right now having said everything you needed to say.

What was the last thing you said to someone you love? Would you be ok if that was the last thing you ever said to them? If not tell them how much they mean to you not because it's the Mayan apocalypse, but because you never know when your last chance to say it will be.

But on the off chance the apocalypse does happen we have our survival packs by the back door!

As Always, Stay Classy


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Surviving the Holidays Single

For those that are newly single or just facing yet another Christmas/New Years with no one it's not always easy to cope with being alone. Sometimes this leads us to make stupid decisions like not leaving bed for days or dating a crappy guy out of desperation. While I can't magically help you find the love of  your life I guarantee you won't find him at the bottom of a tub of Ben and Jerry's.

Last Christmas break I spent the majority of time in bed surrounded by cats no joke. It was on the fourth day that I hadn't left my room and I was covered in cats, crying because the wedding dress I loved was being discontinued that my parents and sister intervened. They told me that I had to shower because it was sad and just plain gross. My incentive was ice cream. That was definitely a low point I never plan on reaching again so here are my helpful tips to stop you for doing what I did.

#1 Stay busy!

I know that the nice part about break is that you get to relax and maybe sleep in a bit. The only problem is that you can't let sleep be the only thing on your schedule. Try to set a time you have to wake up and things to do so you don't end up in bed till mid-afternoon everyday. Some ideas would be visiting old friends to catch up, going to make new friends, or even just going out to window shop. Anything is better than nothing!

My bed was covered in cats!

#2 Create a support system.

Even if you are away from your best friends over break make sure that you have check in times with them. If you start feeling really blue make sure you have someone that you can call to vent to that will cheer you up.

#3 Dress your best.

I've realized for myself that how I look affects how I feel. If everyday I don't get dressed or put in my contacts or fix my hair I start to feel as sloppy as I look. This isn't to say that you have to be dressed to the nines every time you go to Walmart but at least put on some real pants for heavens sakes.

This was my outfit for most of break.

#4 Don't let relatives get you down.

We all have that aunt or grandma that questions why you are still single which is an instant mood killer. You can't prevent them from asking prying questions, like when my Grandma asked me if I was "into the boy thing right now are not." But we can control how we react to those questions. So instead of getting upset tell the about something else positive and great going on in your life.
Ex. Well I don't have a man in my life but I just got promoted at my job!

#5 Keep things in perspective.

While sometimes you may feel like the only single person left in the world you have to keep in mind that despite what Facebook may tell you, you're not. Chances are you're probably to young and amazing to be worrying about spinsterhood right now. So instead of focusing on how depressing your love life is, work to make you the best you can be.

And remember you have to love yourself before anyone can even have a chance at loving you so use the holiday season for self-improvement rather than self-loathing. Happy holidays!

As Always, Stay Classy

Hayley Kiah

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catfish: Can you love a stranger?

Just another show in MTV's long list of forgettable reality series, Catfish has seemed to have struck a cord with us. Meeting someone online isn't all that hard in our digital age. But the idea of falling in love with them and talking to them for years without proof of who they are sounds a little far fetched.

For those of you that have better things to do than watch MTV and are unaware of what Catfish is, here is a brief summary. Basically it is a show based on connecting long term online lovers. The team comes in and films everything as they investigate their mystery lovers. Then they try to get ahold of them and have them meet in person. Sometimes it's girls pretending to be boys or vice versa, or sometimes they just don't hit it off like they thought they would, on rare occasion it actually works out.

So how can it be possible to be in love with someone you've never met? Or is it even possible? I would have to say that in my opinion I don't think you can really truly be "in love" with someone you haven't physically spent time with. You miss out on all the little unspoken things about them that create the bond of love.

But why then are so many people open to loving strangers they have never met and may never meet? I think it really speaks to the loneliness our generation feels. Are we really that desperate to find love that we are willing to create it with a stranger? Apparently so.

Someone you will never meet can never judge you for you flaws or imperfections. They will only love you for the parts of you that you let them see. It's so much safer than real life. You can place all your hopes and dreams into that person and be relatively confident you won't get hurt.

I'm sure the idea of meeting this person they have created this fantasy with is somewhat appealing. Why else would they go on the show. But often times it seems like there fantasy doesn't match up with reality.

I guess the moral of the story is that we can't let ourselves be so scared of the real world that we choose to live solely in online relationships. Sometimes reality hurts but that's just a chance you have to take to experience real life the way you should.

As Always, Stay Classy


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Act Like a Man

I'm sure we are all familiar with the old adage, think like a man, act like a lady. But in today's college culture more and more women are changing it to act like a man. We justify our actions by saying we're just doing what all men do to us. There is just one little issue with this life philosophy.

Men don't necessarily do what women think they are doing. 

I will give you a minute to be shocked and let this soak in. Think about what your knowledge of college or any men is (if you are a male this won't really pertain to you). You probably envision a sweet talking, player that's goal is to get in as many girls pants as possible. While this may not be every guy I bet someone came into your head.

Going off this idea that men treat women like things to be conquered, it's easy for a female to justify sleeping around or treating men like objects. We're just doing what guys do right? That makes it ok. I think in a lot of women's heads they believe that they can never be worse than the guys, they're just keeping up and surviving.

The problem with this equation is that we over exaggerate how big of players men are. Take for instance a guy at my school that myself and a lot of the female population believe to be a "man-whore." Being the expert at creating awkward situations that I am, I point blank asked if this was true. He denied up an down that he had been whoring around the school. At first I was skeptical but after a good 45 minutes of interrogating him and his roommates I believed him.

In fact I can think of several other females on this campus that have significantly worse track records than he does. If the most notorious guy on campus really isn't that bad, then what does that mean for us girls?

We do things because we think other people are doing them also and it justifies our actions. But all this seems to have lead to is girls with higher numbers and lower self-esteem.

Maybe it's time we start basing our relationship/sexual choices on what we want not what we think other people are doing or what guys are doing. If you find someone you genuinely care about and who genuinely cares about you, how could you go wrong? Well probably a lot of ways but we'll save that for another day!

As always, stay classy


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can you be TOO open to love?

Sometimes I think that we want so desperately to not be alone, to find our perfect counterpart that we let that put blinders on us. We let our mission block out everyone around us, the warning signals in our heads, and we rush things.

I am definitely a rusher. I'm not a girl to be cautious or apprehensive about trusting or loving someone and I still have yet to decide whether that's a good or a bad thing.

I feel like I let my heart be open to all the possibilities and opportunities I can because I'm scared that if I don't I'll miss out. That the love of my life will pass me by. But on the flip side you often confuse love with lust and end up getting hurt.

My parents have always taught me that when you fall off the horse you have climb right back on otherwise you will be scared forever. I've applied that same theory to my love life but I wonder if that's right. Maybe if you are to open to love and falling in love you lose sight of when it's actually real.

How do you know it's real love when you feel like it could have been real love with so many others? Can you desensitize yourself to love by trying to love to much?

I'm not really sure, but it's a confusing, scary thought all the same. That we are so scared of missing out that we do miss out because we were looking for some profound signal to tell us when we were in love.

Maybe we all need to stop looking for the flashing neon light and huge signal and just let life take us where it will and see where we end up.

Just some thoughts for you all to chew on!

Stay True XOXO

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So Cosmo says you're awkward...

So Cosmo says you're awkward, well I ain't down with that.

I really hope for all our sakes that you read that title to the tune of Baby Got Back because that's what was going on in my head when I wrote it.

You may have noticed some recent changes to the blog if you are a former reader. Well congratulations! You get to move with me to a new stage of my life. I've just kind of grown out of Classy in KC. That was really about me finding myself and getting over my past relationship. Now I am all about embracing the girl that I am!

Let me introduce you to Awkward Girl Cosmo. Like most women in their early twenties I am an avid reader of Cosmopolitan to learn everything about how to attract men and keep them. My problem lies in that all of Cosmo's tips and tricks are directed towards women who already have an ability to be naturally sultry anyway. Those girls may be out there, but believe me I'm not one of them.

My concept is to create a version of cosmo's advice that can be applied in real life to actual girls that aren't already sex goddess and that can't remember where each anatomical spot of the alphabet is that we're supposed to be touching.

I've always been told that the thing that makes you most attractive is your confidence. So while I may not be sexy or graceful you better believe I make ever bludder with the upmost confidence in myself that it's ok. Since I've been doing it, it has seemed to work pretty darn well!

While sky high heels, a killer body, and the perfect thing to say can make you feel confident they don't have to be the only things that do.

I encourage you to simply embrace the awkward. 

Stay True,
Hayley XOXO

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Doing What YOU Want

I recently had a bit of a life crisis. I turned 21 (YESSS! A post with some interesting pictures later...) and I realized that I was scared to death of my future that's ahead of me. When I move back to Kansas City this August I won't ever be moving back to my hometown probably ever again. I'm also going to be a junior in college so I need to figure out if the major I have chosen is what I really want AND I have been gaining weight (ugh).

So pretty much I had a minor melt down in the office of the pool with my dad who is the best father in the world by the way. He told me that I need to really think about and do what makes me happy and not worry about anything else. 

What really truly and sincerely makes me happy is when I'm teaching swim lessons. I teach about 6 or 7 different kids everyday so I'm super busy but there is no better moment than when a kid you've been working with for years FINALLY swims. I usually cry even though I realize that's ridiculously cheesy and girly. 

But I think working with kids and making them feel like they are important and special is what really makes me happy. My current major is public relations so I'm starting to wonder if that's really what I should be doing. 

I know you all are probably screaming at your screen be a damn teacher duh. Both my parents were Special Ed. teachers and I've always thought I don't want to be like my parents I want to actually make money, blah blah blah. But my parents are actually happy. I mean my father is a 47 year old man that teaches and does swim lessons for a living but he loves it. 

I'm not sure if I'm changing my major yet or if I'll just quit school and become a beach lifeguard for the rest of my life (not really but I wish) or if I'll keep my major and find something to do with it that will make me happy. We'll see. 

But I guess my point is that you shouldn't let what you think you should do tie you down. You shouldn't think that you have to have this big shot career and make a lot of money to be happy. Make your choices based off your passions and you'll figure out how to take care of everything else along the way. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Break-Up Without the Heart Break

So I'm back to square one again. Turns out it just wasn't meant to be with Mr. Perfect. The timing of our lives was completely horrific for a really serious relationship to happen. Him leaving for the air force so soon means that we don't really have time to actually build the kind of foundation that a relationship needs to last the military experience so remaining close friends seems to suite our situation better.

But as that fleeting moment of bliss passes I find my mind wandering back to the Frat Boy again. If you don't remember him he was the guy I had a brief fling with last school year that wasn't ready to commit to a relationship. Grated we did know he would be gone for literally the entire summer so maybe it was wise not to really start something just yet.

He's part of a prestigious (or so he tells me!) traveling band corps that performs all around the country. But in no time at all we will both be finding ourselves back in Kansas City and single. I don't know what I'm really wanting or expecting to happen.

Not him but what he does!

I mean if he wasn't willing to commit before will that change now? I'm not sure if that was an easy way out of trying to not hurt my feelings or if it was the honest truth. During some of our numerous late night conversations about just about everything I began to get the feeling that maybe he was being truthful. That he is scared to commit because he may get left.... again.

People's backgrounds and histories can define a lot about them and getting to know that a little better now I could understand how that could be scary for him to actually trust someone.

I'm not sure. Maybe he's just being a jerk and really has zero intentions of ever wanting to date me at all but I guess we will just have to wait for the school year to find out. And if so there are plenty of jerks in the sea.... oh wait I mean fish, right?

The bright side to both of these developments in my life if that regardless of what happens romantically I have two close friends that I've gotten to share a lot with and that I genuinely love and care about as friends.

I think myself and my now ex-boyfriend should win some sort of award for best break up ever! I'm getting really talented at these by the way!!

Oh and even though things didn't work out I can still keep myself perfectly entertained without a man in my life and I'm starting to think I may not be done with being single just yet. I rather enjoy flirting and fantasizing about the hot waiter asking me out.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Officially a military girlfriend.

So R (the boy) told me tonight that he's going to have to do his basic training in August. He's in the Air Guard which to my understanding is like the Air Force Reserve I think. Honestly, I'd never heard of it before he told me about it.

I'm not sure how exactly I feel other than slightly overwhelmed. It's becoming real now. I mean I knew he was in the military but that seemed to be a very abstract concept to me before and now it's becoming real, with real dates and him really leaving. I feel like I've just gotten him and even though August may seem far off it's still to soon.

This whole long distance thing is new to me as is the military thing. It's not that any of it is an issue for me because I completely believe he is worth dealing with any distance or restrictions but it's all kind of scary and I think it's just because I don't know anything.

I don't even know what questions to ask or what it is that I don't know. He has grown up in a military family whereas I have grown up with my only military experience being history class and a class field trip to a military museum.

It's never a position I ever thought I would be in because honestly I've always said I wasn't into the "military thing." (Sorry if you're reading this R, please don't take that in a bad way!) It just seemed like you were adding extract challenges to your relationship that could be avoided. Why not pick a guy that you know will always be in one place and will always be doing boring stuff. It seemed simple.

The problem is that you don't "pick a guy." You can't help who you end up falling for and what type of  life style they are going to choose. You get lucky enough to find someone you think you just can't live without and then you take on anything else about their lives and make it work because they're worth waiting for.

I guess what scares me is that I don't have control of the situation. All my life I have know exactly where I will be, exactly what I will be doing, and exactly where I will be going. R comes from a completely different life of spontaneity and adventuring into the unknown.

I'm a little nervous but I'm also kind of excited. I think that it will be good for me to learn to let go of my ridged life style and embrace the unknown.

Crazy how blogging about something can make you feel so much better about it! 

Are any of my readers military girlfriends or wives that have dealt with the same experience?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Closing the Lid

This will be my final post concerning my ex-boyfriend and I hope maybe it will help me finally close the lid on this relationship that has been haunting me the past 10 months or so.

As I've mentioned previously never for a moment have I doubted my decision to leave. It has left me more happy than I ever imagined and I could be on my own. And it has also lead me to my current relationship with a boy I couldn't imagine being without now.

But it has also left me scarred in ways I never realized I could be. These scars have helped me to see more clearly what it is that I really want with my life and with my next relationship.

Myself and both of my beautiful sisters.

I don't think my current boyfriend or probably anyone will be able to fully understand how special it is to me that my sister is back in my life. My biggest problem with my ex, among many other things was that he hated my sister passionately. I promised myself that the next guy would at least be indifferent and that's all I was really hoping for.

But my new boy wants to get to know my sister and welcomes her into our relationship. In fact we had a group conversation on the phone two nights ago (how sweet is that!). It honestly makes me want to cry to think how wonderful it is.

Though issues with my sister weren't the only damages from my past relationship. I find myself surprised when my boyfriend doesn't care that my best friend is a boy or that I have a lot of guy friends that I like to hang out with. He trusts me. It's strange. I'm not used to having someone just trust that I will do the right thing, which I almost always will.

I've been so used to keeping secrets. So many secrets it was difficult to keep up. Lying about going out to see my sister, lying about how late I stayed out with my friends, or lying about how much money I spent on shoes.

It's so refreshing to not have to lie anymore. It is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My relationship is no longer a burden to bear. It's enjoyable!

Now I think I have pretty legitimate reasons to hate my ex-boyfriend for all of the emotional abuse and control he held over me. But truly I am done with being mad. I'm done feeling sorry for him.

I think I am finally ready to let it all go. Let go of the anger, the fear, sympathy, the regret. I'm ready to start new and fresh and I don't think I could have picked any better of a person to start new with!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Monday Man-Off: True Blood

This weeks Monday Man-Off is between the True Blood leading men that Sookie is currently caught up in a love triangle with. Her dilemia is understandable considering both men are absolutely gorgeous and not just because they're vampires but because they are just hot guys in general. Our battle is between the wise and careful Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and the cruel but oh so delicious Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard).

Let's start with Bill, Sookies original and true love. He is wise, but not beyond his years because he is actually really old. Stephen Moyer who plays Bill is in real life a handsome and charming man. He has that certain something about him that makes you feel like you can trust him and just let him take care of you.

His opponent Eric plays the not so nice character. He's really quite a jerk and does a lot of really bad things to Sookie until he loses his memory and suddenly is incredibly sweet. Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric is Swedish, super tall, and definitely not hard to look at. I think the European thing is really working for him with me.

So if you are a True Blood fan and understand the show I would say that I vote for Bill because he is stable and the overall better choice for Sookie (played by Anna Paquin). But in real life and if we go purely off of physical appearance Eric wins hands down. He looks like a fun guy. A gorgeous I would stand there gaping at him if I saw him in real life gorgeous so he's my winner for this Monday.

Who would you pick??

Do soul mates exist?

Do you believe in soul mates? That there is one person on the whole earth that is your exact match and perfect counter balance? It's a pretty difficult concept to imagine that in a world of over 7 billion people and growing their is one person created specifically for you.

I'm a romantic but even I have lived most of my life under the impression that there are multiple "loves of your life." When you meet one of these people they will make you happy but you will never be any the wiser if there is a person that can possibly make you even happier out there. That's how it is possible to love multiple people in your lifetime and on unfortunate occasions at the same time.

But recently I have came tot the belief that my theories on soul mates have been wrong. I think there can be one person, one soul that is your perfect match. My opinion has changed because I personally think I have some how located my match or rather he found me (that's what he would say).

 I couldn't tell you how I know honestly, except that you can feel it, deep inside of you that they are perfectly made for you and that everything you have done in your life has been leading to this one person.

As I've gotten older, though I'm definitely not old by any means, I've come to realize that what is most important to a relationship is your values and what really makes you at your core. It's no that you both have the same favorite band or that you do the same sport, it's that what defines you is the same as what defines them.

For myself my family probably my biggest priority. When you date me you also "date" my siblings. With my current boyfriend he feels the exact same way about his family and he has actually gotten to know my sister also. I can't even begin to explain how much that means to me. But that's for another post to expain.

The moral of my story is that I have a renewed faith in relationships and in soul mates.

I know many of my followers are in a long term relationships or married and I'm curious if you think that you are with your soulmate?

But not to leave my single girls out, do you think finding your soul mate is possible?

Friday, May 18, 2012

No more single girl problems!!

You all have stood by me through all single girl issues since the beginning. Reading previous posts I can actually see the journey that I have made getting over my ex and learning to love just getting to be me. I think I was finally at a point where I was happy with myself and that I didn't need a new relationship to make me feel complete.

Well they say that when you stop looking that's right when a relationship falls into your lap. Ok, that's not exactly the saying but I feel like it's accurate to this situation.

I by no means have any problems with being single, but there is a certain incompleteness to it. That you don't have someone to cry to when your day has been bad or someone that will listen to you vent or get excited about something dumb with you. I have some incredible best friends that have done a hell of a job filling that role this past year but it's just not quite the same.

But anyway this brings me to say that Mr. Perfect is now all mine! Not completely official because he says he'll only ask me in person when he gets back but we're what my mother would call "exclusive." Honestly even if we weren't there is no one else I would even want to look at twice now that I've found him.

This is the text that he sent me after we got done Skyping for several hours (and driving my sister nuts because she said I was laughing to loud... oops :)). It pretty much sums up exactly why he is amazing and it completely cry worth. What he sent is the green.

And before you think oh is he ok with her posting that on her blog for the whole world to see, he understands my addiction to social media and over sharing all the cute things he says and does. Seriously he is perfect.

So I apologize in advance for all the gushing over how fantastic he is I will be doing from now on but I mean can you really blame me? I can't help but want the world to know I found this guy and he actually wants to be with ME!

New House: Leaving the Nest

I have officially joined the ranks of adulthood! My sister and I have left the nest, much to my parent’s surprise. We had insisted that we were going to move out but they thought that we wouldn’t ever actually do it or find somewhere that would let us have her dog, Phoebe.

Well on my second day home from school we found a place! Which was lucky because I hadn’t even unpacked my stuff yet. It’s an adorable little 2-bedroom one-bath house with a fenced in yard. Conveniently located only 2 blocks from my parent’s home.

At first they were a little shocked that we had actually gone out and done it without their help. We worked out a deal with our landlord then called and told my parents about it.

It’s fun to actually start to be a grown-up! And by fun I mean I have to run all over town trying to find the right offices so we don't get our electricity or water turned off. But we have really decided that we want to do it on our own without our parents holding our hands. (Though my Dad can still hold my hand occasionally if he would like to). 

So far we haven't had any major problems with anything we can't fix. We haven't starved to death which is amazing because the first four days the only thing in the fridge was my sister's boyfriends case of beer, Dr. Pepper and an old pizza.

We have also been so lucky as to have a landlord that pretty much gives us free reign. She allowed us to repaint as long as it was a neutral color and we can even have our dog at the house. It's a pretty sweet deal. 

How old were you all when you left the nest and was it hard?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr. Perfect has made an appearance!

I haven’t been able to post because guess what!! I got my own house with my baby sister! We still haven’t gotten Wi-Fi yet so I have to post this from my parent’s house. It should be up and running soon so I can continue to give you all the details! I will post about that tomorrow with picture but I have an even better topic today.

You all are very much aware of my single status. I post about it often enough! It’s been about 9 months or so since I’ve had a boyfriend. Only the way there have been a plethora of interested guys and guys I was interested in.

There were jerks, liars, duds, and just plain odd guys along the way. But none of them really seemed like anyone to get to worked up over in the end. There was never one that was like I real say the potential to have a real relationship with.

Until now!

If you follow my twitter you may have noticed that practically all I have been tweeting about recently is this wonderful boy I have recently met. And let me tell you he is absolutely perfect I mean I literally could not have dreamed up a better guy than this.

He did debate (like me), he’s a swimmer, in the air force, extremely intelligent, funny, sweet, and actually within a few hours of me (or will be soon). But the best part is he’s Catholic too! An actual practicing one not a I-Was-Baptisted-But-I-Haven’t-Stepped-Foot-In-A-Church-Since-Was-5-Catholic.

The exact moment I realized he was something special was when he practically recited parts of the Geneva Convention to me during a discussion about the treatment of terrorists. We’re just a tad nerdy, but seriously how many other guys would even want to talk about that much less know so much about it!

He said it was when I said I was catholic and that I liked guns. I guess that’s the country girl in me overcoming my liberal side. Currently he is on the West coast so unfortunately we won’t be able to see each other till sometime in June when he comes back into the area.

Until, then thank goodness for cell phones and skype!!

So you all should probably get prepared for an onslaught of mushy posts all about him but I can’t say that I’m sorry about it!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Perfect Man

I was recently asked what my ideal man was. Obviously it would be Ryan Gosling (duh) but in reality I don't really have much of an idea. I know I want him to be smart and funny but that's about as far as my list goes. Going out into the dating world with no idea what you are looking for is like going shopping without any idea of what you are looking for. Most of the time you make purchases you never would have wanted to if you had planned out your shopping trip with what you actually needed or wanted.

Right now as far as guys go I keep buying that spurge item that you don't really want or need but seemed cool at the time but you end up throwing away soon. If you don't know what you want in a man how do you  find one that's a good  fit for you. I guess their is luck or chance but I've never been one to rely on the odds.

Because of this revelation I've decided to describe (using celebs and fictional characters of course) my perfect man so that maybe I'll have a clearer idea of what is important to me and what I'm looking for.

First of all my perfect man would look like Ryan Gosling ideally but for myself physical attributes often don't have much of a bearing. I have dated/liked guys of different races, heights, hair colors, eye colors, whatever. The only consistent thing for me is that I generally like guys that are thinner and have good hair but the rest is free game.

As far as personality goes I need a guy that is funny. He has to make me laugh on a daily basis, not a difficult thing to do. I'm imagining my perfect man's humor to be like Johnny Depp's, a little quirky and off color. Not the obvious knee slapping humor like Jim Carey.

He has to be kind and loving imagine Noah from The Notebook (Ryan is going to be referenced a lot I think!). He loved Allie all the way till the end and was so patient and gentle with her.

He has to be loyal like Peeta was to Katniss. No matter how much she hurt him Peeta was always looking out for Katniss's best interest. He would do anything for her. If Peeta was a real person he would definitely be my ideal man. I know he's not as firery as Gale but I think he has the long lasting qualities.

He has to be intelligent and driven, yet have a regard for morals at the same time. This maybe an obscure reference so I apologize but I want a guy like Alan Shore in Boston Legal. He was a witty, charming and extremely intelligent lawyer. But when it came down to it he always stood by his moral code and I respect that a lot.

He has to have a goofy, childish side. I want a guy that isn't afraid to be immature. Like he does magic tricks or juggles or likes to do 1,000 piece puzzles with his little brother. This doesn't really match any celebrity I can think of but it's just somethings that have really made me like some other guys.

The last thing is optional but would be a definite plus. I want a guy that is artistic whether that be he is a writer or an artist or a musician their is just something about that creative flare that draws you in.

So what makes up your ideal man or do you already have your ideal man? Lucky for you that already do!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I don't want to be Carrie Bradshaw anymore.

I previously posted about how I felt like myself and many other female bloggers were all kind of wanna-be Carrie Bradshaws, you can read about it here. But I've recently decided that I don't want to be like Carrie at all! I'm much more of a Charlotte and I like it.

First, of all Charlotte basically has my dream job. She manages a super posh art gallery in New York (or she did at one point). That would be so incredibly amazing and is really similar to what I would actually like to do with my career.

But second of all I feel like I'm a lot like Charlotte in the love department. It was actually my sister that pointed this out to me. She said, "Hayley I think you are like Charlotte. You think that after everything failed with your Trey that you were going to be single forever but don't worry you're going to find your Harry."

I love my sister and she is so right. That is exactly my life and how I am. Much like Charlotte I like to have a plan and currently I don't have a life plan as far as relationship stuff goes because my romantic relationships with men are non-existent.

My ex, who was my version of Trey, seemingly perfect but really a horrible match, has left me in a dating rut where I feel like I won't find anyone that will go beyond his good qualities and eliminate his bad.

In the end Harry was not at all what Charlotte was looking for or expected but he turned out to be absolutely perfect for her. I think if I stop looking and worrying about it a great guy will find me. Hopefully :)

One more reason I'd rather be Charlotte. Carrie's sense of style is sometimes MAJORLY off but Charlotte is always dressed impeccably. That is all.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monday Man-Off: Pirates of the Caribbean

Hello everyone, guess what?! I'm back!!! For good! I promise to make a new commitment to my blog and post regularly from now on. Sometimes life just gets in the way but I'm glad you guys understand! 

I'm bringing back the Monday Man-Off for you all because first of all who doesn't want to look at and talk about hott guys. Speaking for myself I can say that the number of pins on my Man Oh Man board on pinterest is crazy, mostly Josh Hutcherson and Ryan Gosling (shocking I know!). But this week I decided to highlight a debate I still have yet to solve.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite movies ever. It has some of my favorite actors and it's just an overall sweet movie. In fact I themed my Sweet Sixteen pirate because of the movie. It was pretty amazing by the way.

Our first contender is the gorgeous Orlando Bloom. My sister and I got so obsessed with him for a while. He was incredible in Pirates and in Lord of the Rings where I first fell in love with him. (Just realized he has already been in my Monday Man-Off, apparently I really do like him a lot!!).

Our second contender is dark and mysterious Johnny Depp. This man is so quirky and sexy and just amazing. He always just does his own thing which I really respect. Also he pulls off the grungy, hott look so well.

I have to say that Johnny wins it for me. He just has that air of mystery to him that makes you want to know him and be around him. Don't get me wrong Orlando is gorgeous but Johnny has my heart for sure. 

What do you all think about these two dashing men?