Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can you be TOO open to love?

Sometimes I think that we want so desperately to not be alone, to find our perfect counterpart that we let that put blinders on us. We let our mission block out everyone around us, the warning signals in our heads, and we rush things.

I am definitely a rusher. I'm not a girl to be cautious or apprehensive about trusting or loving someone and I still have yet to decide whether that's a good or a bad thing.

I feel like I let my heart be open to all the possibilities and opportunities I can because I'm scared that if I don't I'll miss out. That the love of my life will pass me by. But on the flip side you often confuse love with lust and end up getting hurt.

My parents have always taught me that when you fall off the horse you have climb right back on otherwise you will be scared forever. I've applied that same theory to my love life but I wonder if that's right. Maybe if you are to open to love and falling in love you lose sight of when it's actually real.

How do you know it's real love when you feel like it could have been real love with so many others? Can you desensitize yourself to love by trying to love to much?

I'm not really sure, but it's a confusing, scary thought all the same. That we are so scared of missing out that we do miss out because we were looking for some profound signal to tell us when we were in love.

Maybe we all need to stop looking for the flashing neon light and huge signal and just let life take us where it will and see where we end up.

Just some thoughts for you all to chew on!

Stay True XOXO

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