Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Makes Me Wanna Shout!

This semester I finally got brave enough to try out zumba. But let me tell you all, I have zero rhythm or coordination so it is NOT a pretty sight. But believe me I give it my all.

The best part about my zumba class is that it's held in the gym where all the male athletes have a wonderful view of my friends and I dancing our hearts out. The whole time I just keep telling myself they're staring because I look so hot not goofy.

Regardless I don't care what I look like because it is so fun to just let loose and go crazy all while exercising! If you haven't tried zumba you definitely should.

So to the purpose of this post. I wanted to share my favorite songs that we dance to in zumba. They instantly make me feel AWESOME no matter what kind of day I'm having.

#1 Loca- Shakira

#2 Jai Ho- Slum Dog Millionaire Soundtrack

#3 Shakira- Waka Waka (This is Africa)

I know I put Shakira on there twice but I can't help that she's awesome! The Waka Waka song is so awesome you'll just want to listen to it over and over and attempt to sing along even though some of it's not in english. 

What songs do you all like to jam out or run to?

As Always, Stay Classy


Letter to Myself

This is yet another letter I wrote to myself several months ago back in October. I think now is the time for me to FINALLY take my own advice. Enjoy.

Wow. It's incredible to look back on the Hayley of just a few years ago. I have changed so much in so many ways. I think I've also lost my drive to question everything about the world. I want to get that back. 

But most of all I think I have learned. Four years ago I hadn't even had a glimpse of the world. Now, though I still have so much more to see I feel like I have at least had experiences I can learn from. 

This is my advice to the girl I once was. You don't need anyone to support you or make you who you are. You felt so independent and you always said that you would never let a man boss you around or change who you were. But you feel so easily into that. Don't doubt yourself or who you are. You are wonderful exactly how you are without anyone by your side, or more likely dragging you along. 

Love with all your heart but still take caution. You don't need to have a crush or a guy you are pursuing ALL the time. Even though you like to give yourself over completely to people they won't necessarily be a kind as they should be. 

This is SO true. I don't need to have a crush or some I'm trying to get to like me all the time. It's ok to just be me. I'm working hard on becoming comfortable with that and everyone's insightful and thoughtful conflicts on my previous posts help more than you all know. So thank you your thoughts are so greatly appreciated. 

As Always, Stay Classy


Monday, February 27, 2012

You're It!!

It's time for another fun little blogging game! I was tagged by the lovely Halle over at Classic+Glam (adore her). So I thought I'd take a moment and let you all get to know me a little better!

Note: Frikken DUCKIE tagged me too! Thanks girl!

My answers:
1. What does your dream birthday look like? 
All my best friends and my family together :)
2. When did you first start blogging? why? 
I started this blog in September originally to get through my break up. I didn't start seriously blogging until December when I started doing it for me and to give all my opinions and advice on relationships! You can read about why I blog here.
3. What is your favorite food?
4. What is your least favorite food?
Quiche- YUCK!
5. What do you like to do on a rainy day?
Watch romantic movies snuggle with my kitties. 
6. Tea or coffee?
hot tea
7. What magazine(s) do you read? 
Cosmo and Seventeen
8. What is the story behind your blog name? (if there is one!)
I moved to Kansas City for school and I consider myself a classy lady, or at least I try to be. 
9. What is the most exotic food you've ever tried?
I had a bison burger. Is that exotic?
10. What is the store you shop at most? (clothing wise)
Definitely Forever21. You get the most bang for your buck!
11. Are you wearing nailpolish right now? If so, which color & brand?
Sea Foam by Sally Hansen
C and T @ 20s Dating Drama
Kenna @ The Bluths
Leigh @ Hart to Heart
Jayme and Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
Tabitha @ My Cliff Notes
Melissa @ Pineapple Lily

If you were tagged answer the questions below!

1. Who is your celebrity crush?
2. What is your favorite book character?
3. What do you spend the most time doing online?
4. If you could pick your name what would it be?
5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
6. Cake or cupcakes?
7. How many siblings do you have?
8. If you could have Buddy from Carlos Bakery make you a cake what would it be?
9. What's your reality TV guilty pleasure, if any?
10. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
11. What is your least favorite song or one that annoys you?

Create 11 questions and tag 11 bloggers (don't forget to let them know) - who then continue the chain with their own questions and answering yours!

As Always, Stay Classy


Ridiculous Obsession with Love

If you recognize the title as a line from Moulin Rouge then kudos to you! It's a fantastic movie and if you don't go watch it. 

I'll be the first to admit I am obsessed with the idea of love. Tonight I was watching the movie City of Angels, the one with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, with some pals and I just started bawling when Nick started talking about how just one kiss with Meg was worth giving up eternity.

In the middle of my cry/laughing because I was crying fest I yelled: "I just want to be loved!!"

But why am I and basically every other single person on the plant so obsessed with the idea of being in love? I can't really answer that other than that being with someone that completes you must be the best thing in the whole world so we strive to have that.

The craziest part is that when we are in love we take it for granted. I think we forget how difficult the journey to get there was. All the work that goes into loving someone and accepting their faults and flaws. It's not easy! But once we're there we think, Love? Ha. I could find love with someone else easy!

Then we become single and realize that's not the case at all. Love isn't a something that comes along everyday. It can't be delivered at your door step with your morning paper. It's something that has to find you or be found. That's what makes it so special.

I feel like sometimes we take how special love it for granted. We look around and see tons of people in love everyday so that must mean it's common-place when really it's nothing short of extraordinary that two people were able to find each other and then find that spark and THEN want to put effort forth to make things work!

So I guess what this post really has turned into is that you should never take love for granted. Never forget the work you put in to get there and be thankful you have it.

As for me, I'm only 20 and I've already been in love once. That's pretty lucky if you ask me. Even though it didn't pan out I have to rest of my life to find the real true love and when I do you can bet I'll cherish it.

As Always, Stay Classy


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not So Wild Weekend

So I have to let you all in on a secret. My life truly isn't all that exciting and I like it that way! This weekend I stayed in and hung out with one of my girlfriends. We watched some movies, ate popcorn, and talked about boys. Pretty typical college girls.

But I did want to share with you all some things that brightened my week!! Courtesy of my wonderful siblings. Seriously what do people do without them!

#1 My sis sent me this picture of my baby, Pumpkin.

I miss her so much!! She's my world and was probably the hardest part about moving 3 hours away. But this picture of her made my day. She sleeps so funny and she snores too!

#2 My brother knows I have a slight obsession with Key Board Cat (it's a problem). So he sent me this hilarious video that is similar to it. 

It's kind of sad how many times I have watched this and how hard I laughed. I guess it's just the simple things in life.

#3 I swam way more than I thought I could!

I don't think I mentioned it before but I swam competitively for 11 summers. I know that's a lot!! I retired about 4 years ago and have off and on swam for myself. Well this year I decided to get back into it because I truly love to swim and if I'm going to exercise why not do something I enjoy!

My sis and I with our coach way back in 2007.

So last week I got in and swam a surprising 60 laps in 45 minutes! I was haven't swam that much in one session in over a year. Yesterday I went to swim again and some how cranked out 60 laps in just 30 minutes! I was really pushing myself to do as much as I could and even though I was tired getting out it felt soooo good to know I gave it my all. 

I guess we'll just have to see how far I can take this!

But that was my weekend/week in review. I hope you all had a fantastic week too!

As Always, Stay Classy


Keep Calm Poster

Made just for all my single girls. Especially Holly since it was her suggestion. :)

As Always, Stay Classy


Friday, February 24, 2012

Keep Calm, You're Just Single

So if you follow me on twitter, if you don't you should @Classy_In_KC, you may have seen me have a minor freak out yesterday. It was a rough day for some reason. But here's the basic gist of what went down.

There's a very pleasant boy in one of my classes that looks about my age. We got out of class early so my day was going great. As I was chatting with this boy on my way out of the building he said something about his wife.... Yes I heard him correctly, wife.

Now I know what you're thinking. You think that I must have had a major crush on this boy and finding out he's flipping married ruined it for me. But that wasn't even it. He's nice but I don't particularly want to date him. It's just that he's exactly my age and he's MARRIED!!

I'm no where near marriage, hell I don't even have a boyfriend to consider being married too! The best I got at this point is my one of my best friends that says we'll get married if we're both single at 29. He's adorable and awesome by the way but really 9 years is a long time.

So after this all went down I sort of panicked. I flipped out to my friends (one of which got married at 17... oops) about how dumb that was. Why would you want to be married right now, we're kids for heavens sake. We don't even have real jobs or houses or pay our own car insurance how could we be married.

After I was told to take deep breathes and calm the heck down by my friends I was ok.

I guess it's just scary because just over 6 months ago I had my future completely planned out. I knew exactly who I was going to marry and when and the everything else about it. Now I'm going out into the world without any sort of plan. My greatest fear is that I won't find someone that I could realistically want to be with forever and ever. It's a pretty scary thought.

But I just have to take a step back and remember I'm only 20 years old for heavens sake! And what works for others (getting married young) may not be right for me. That's ok!

Someday I will look back on this with my charming and handsome husband and laugh at how silly I was. But until then I'll just take deep breathes and blog about it to you all. :)

As Always, Stay Classy


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awesome Giveaway!!!

I just entered Dig Deeper's super cool giveaway and you all should too!!

Digging Deeper Into Design And... Everything Else!: Top 300 In The WHOLE World!! [GIVEAWAY]

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Carrie Bradshaw Wanna Be

Yesterday at work a few of my co-workers were joking about how girls want to be Carrie Bradshaw. Well they didn't specifically know her last name was Bradshaw but I got the gist. While listening to this conversation I had a revelation:


While my conscience intention was never to try and imitate Carrie I can't help but notice that I read my writing allowed in my head like she does when she rights. I also ask a ridiculous amount of rhetorical or unanswerable questions. But does Sex and the City give us unrealistic expectations? (See rhetorical question!!)

Most of us writers will not get a job writing a relationship column in New York that helps us afford to buy  these:

As awesome as that would be I'm probably going to have to stick to Jessica Simpson's line at Macy's as being the most "high end" heels I can afford. So I understand that Carrie's life of living in New York flitting from guy to guy and doing all sorts of awesome things with her girlfriends isn't going to happen.   Well you can probably still do awesome things with your girlfriends.

But like most TV shows Sex and the City gives us a completely unrealistic expectation of what real life is like. And they're not alone. Even our so called "reality TV" shows are scripted and don't at all portray reality (looking at you Kardashians).

So I ask, what is so bad about real life? Sure being able to afford designer shoes would be great, but why am I not supposed to be satisfied with ones from Target? I'll actually answer this one. There is nothing wrong with NOT being a celebrity and only wearing Jimmy Choo's.

While television is entertaining sometimes we need to step back and realize that it's entertainment not real life. We shouldn't compare ourselves or hold ourselves to the standards it sets.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is even if I can't be Carrie Bradshaw, I'm perfectly content just being Hayley.

As Always, Stay Classy


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All About Ash Wednesday

For all of you that are non-religious I apologize if this post doesn't interest you. But even if you're not I would still love to hear your feedback!

If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed by now that I am a Catholic girl and while I know that Catholics are not the only ones to practice Lent I still think that I need to share what I learned in Catholic school about this religious season.

With Ash Wednesday upon us most of us have decided what to give up or are scrambling to figure it out. I always hear people saying well I don't know what to give up. But we don't always have to give things up we can also add things!

The misconception is that Lent is about depriving ourselves of things we love when really it's about setting aside materialist things to get closer to God.

So if you can't think of something to give up why not add something. Set aside 15 minutes everyday to pray or volunteer your time.

I guess what bothers me the most is that people take this time of year to try and complain and boast about how hard it is to give things up. We shouldn't do it for bragging rights we should do it because it's what's in our hearts otherwise don't bother. You will be rewarded by Him not by your peers.

Thank you for listening to my two cents and have a wonderful Ash Wednesday and Lenten season!!

As Always, Stay Classy


Living In A Jar

We won't get far, flying circles inside a jar. 
- Death Cab for Cutie

Listening to this song makes me think that we so often are doing this. We fly around a small confined space looking out at the world and not understanding why we can see it but can't reach it.

The worst part is that so often we confine ourselves you these jars. We are scared of what will happen if we leave the safe confines of our comfort zone. For some of us it's that we don't believe in ourselves. For others it's that they're scared of what others will think of them.

I think this happens not only in relationships but it all aspects of our lives. We're scared to apply for that big internship/job because we may get turned down. We're scared to move to a new city because we don't know anyone. Or go to a college your friends aren't going to.

Let me be the first to say that I have spent much of my life inside of a jar. I convinced myself that the unknown was something to be frightened of. What I've learned is that stepping off into the unknown can be a beautiful thing!!

My unknown was going to school 3 hours from home where I didn't know anyone. But going for that adventure has taught me so many things and introduced me to so many incredible people I would have never otherwise met!

So I encourage you to look closely at your surroundings and see if you to are limiting your opportunities and potential. If you are do something to change that! I challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone and see what can come of it!

If you do please let me know about it. I would love to hear your stories!

As Always, Stay Classy


Monday, February 20, 2012

My Wonderful Weekend

It seemed like this weekend went by soooo quickly. Because of President's Day I didn't have school today so I got to spend Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday with my family. I had such a great time with them I hate having to leave.

The best part about family is that you don't really have to be doing anything to have fun.

Here's a little recap for you all!!

Saturday: Sister and I went shopping and bought new make up at Sephora. When we got home Aub dolled up Emy, our older sister with the new make up we got.

Here she is with her make up finished. She was so excited. 

Her is Emy with her baby sisters!

And here is Aubrey and I with our matching VS shirts. 

Overall it was a successful trip home. I wish I could have spent more time with my little brother but I am thankful for all the fun I got to have with my sisters. I love them more than anything.

Hope your weekend was as awesome as mine!!

As Always, Stay Classy


Liebster Blog Award (Yayy!)

Last Friday I was lucky enough to be awarded The Liebster Blog Award from Liz over at Liz's Lovely Life. I absolutely adore her!! You can check out her blog and the award here.

Since I was awarded it I get the pleasure of awarding 5 other bloggers with it. How great is that!! Here are my choices to receive this award!!

 It's Official- Lily always has terrific fashion posts on the latest trends. I think her blog is going to make me go broke because I find so many cute items from it! Congratulations Lily!

 Hart to Heart - Leigh at Hart to Heart is always so motivational. She has such a big heart and a huge trust in God. Her posts are always so thoughtful and earnest. I am always inspired by her passion.

 Life... Full of Stories- Carlie's adventures with her husband always make my day. I always look forward to reading about what they are up too. I feel like I know them and I'm sure if I did in real life I would absolutely love them. They are just to cute.

Matt's Round Table- Matt is a real life friend who is just getting into the world of blogging. He provides goofy insights into his teenage self, relationships, and college in general. If you are looking for a laugh that will also make you ponder Matt's blog is the place to go!

Classy in Carolina- So maybe I love Kelly's blog so much because I am OBSESSED with the Carolina's but it's also because she has such lovely posts. She always does a  Monday Morning Motivation that helps make the week start a little easier.

These blogs are definitely worth checking out. They are part of my daily reads. And once again a big thank you to Liz's Lovely Life 

If you were awarded the Liebster Award by me check out what to do next below!

If you have been awarded the coveted Liebster award, here’s what’s next:
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear Heart, Love Your Head

I have a question for you all. Why do our hormones continue to tell us we like someone even after we are 90% sure there is no chance of a relationship? I blame this on my hormones because surely my brain knows better than to set me up for failure. But my heart it doesn't care it only wants what it wants.

The worst dilemma to be in is liking someone, they know that you like them, yet they don't really do anything about it. You KNOW that this obviously means nothing is going to happen between you too.

Yet for some reason you still cling to that small hope that maybe they really "aren't ready for a serious relationship right now." (This is still doubtful.)

Is it that we crave love and affection SOOOO much that we will figuratively throw our heart out into moving traffic in the hope that we will make it to the other side and be in love with someone that loves us back?

Well what I have to say to this is that sometimes our heart needs a good smack from our head. Stop wasting your time and feelings over someone that you know it won't ever happen with. Even if something were to happen the fact that they are falling all over themselves to be with you now shows that they are clearly not worth your time.

I really really badly need to take my own advice. Hopefully I will take it soon before I end up getting hurt sending out all my feelings and getting none in return.

I strongly believe that when you find "The One" they will also have that innate sense that you too are extremely special to their lives. If the person you are craving isn't sensing that, despite your attempts, cut your loses and move on to bigger things!

So I will leave you with a lovely Journey song that describes this situation moderately well:

As Always, Stay Classy


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Secret Inequality: People with Disablities

Today I found out that a beautiful 25 year old women, that was close to my family passed away early this morning from complications from the flu. She had Down Syndrome just like my big sister does. 

I will call her J for the privacy of her family. She came to the pool I worked at all the time during the summer wearing spider man googles. She was adorable, happy, and above all healthy. 

While we like to pretend that people with disabilities are now viewed as equal in our society the fact is that this is just not true. J could still be alive today if she was given proper medical attention, which didn't happen most likely because of her disability. 

When her mother first brought her to the ER they blew it off as her having the flu. If they had listened to her that it was something more serious J could have been saved. 

This is not the only instance of doctors not taking people with disabilities medical concerns seriously. My older sister this past year had been acting strange and my family KNEW something was wrong. Every doctor we saw (Getting doctors to see her was challenging too) said that she was just "depressed." We knew it was something more serious than that. 

Me and My big sister Emy

Finally we found someone who took our concerns seriously and after tests found out that she has alzheimers. Which is very common among people with Down Syndrome. She is now being treated for it and while there is no cure we can at least hope to slow it's progression and make sure she is never in pain. 

People with mental disabilities are just as valuable as those born without extra challenges. This means they deserve the exact same medical attention as "normal" people. 

Please pray for J and her family in this difficult time and be aware of the inequality in how people with disabilities are treated. 

Thank you,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My 100 Word Love Story

Hey all! If you don't already follow Melissa at So about what I said you should head over and check out my 100-Word love story that she picked to post!!

I'm so thrilled about this you can't even imagine so please go check it out!

As Always, Stay Classy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warm and Fuzzy Wednesday

So for everyone that was maybe bummed out by Valentines Day or as some may call it, Single's Awareness Day, here are some warm and fuzzy things to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside this hump day!

And if you're not bummed out enjoy feeling even more warm and fuzzy anyway!!!

Here are the top 5 things that I have made me feel warm and fuzzy this week!!

#1 Baby Ocelots!!

#2 Pink fuzzy socks that my mom gave me for Christmas!

#3 The first snow of the year on campus.

#2 Conversation with my baby sister. I love her!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

#1 Looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling!!

One for the road!!

Hope that this helped brighten all of yours day just a bit! What has made your week warm and fuzzy?

As Always, Stay Classy


What's wrong with single?

Hey everyone! Be sure to check out my guest post I did today on Classic+Glam for Halle!

So Valentines Day is here and I am celebrating it sans boyfriend. But I'm not upset about it! In fact I'm thrilled that I get to celebrate it with the people I really love!

But ever since it turned New Years it seems like everyone has been talking about the Day of Love and how they are spending it single or with their special someone. It seems to be there is a huge negative connotation around being single.

What I want to know is, what's so wrong with single?? Why is it that we feel like failures because we don't have significant others just yet?

Well I am here to tell you that it is ok to be single! (It's ok to be in a relationship too.)

We are taught our whole lives that we are the best at everything. In every sport we get a trophy or rewarded just for participating. Our parents tell us we can be whatever we want to be. The problem is someone we grow up and this "coddling" stops. But we don't know how to deal with it.

Not being the best or the same or having a boyfriend doesn't mean we have failed. It's just life and we shouldn't feel like we have done anything wrong because of it.

So this Valentines Day, if you are spending it single then live it up and celebrate all those special people you love like your family and friends or maybe your puppy.

When you stop looking for love it will find you so start living your life without worrying about your relationship status!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear 14 Year Old Self

Dear 14 year old Me,

You're not going to want to hear this, but you don't have it all figured out. The things that you think mean the whole world, like getting your first kiss, falling in love, getting that boy to like you, they aren't that important so don't sweat it.

You are going to have your heart broken when that boy you really liked tells you he doesn't feel the same way at the track meet. But you should be so proud that you didn't cry because he will gain about 50 lbs. and stay in your hometown.

My "boyfriend" when I was 14.

You will think that your first kiss is the most important thing in the world and that it is all you care about getting. Believe me, it won't be that great. In fact it will be absolutely terrible! But don't worry there will be many more kisses to come with boys you really care about.

You may think that you aren't popular or cool because you don't want to party. Those people will end up dropping out of college and staying at home. You are so much better than them.

My baby sister and I

In the years to come you'll go against your gut and make decisions you will regret. But just remember that the most important thing you have is your family and you should never let anyone or any boy come in between your relationship with them.

Most of all remember that even when it seems like the world is over, your life is just beginning.

20 year old You

Sunday, February 12, 2012

God's Mysterious Ways

Ok guys. If you follow my twitter account, first of all I would like to apologize for last nights inappropriate tweets. If you don't follow me you should @Classy_In_KC. But anyways I had a pretty wild weekend and a unexpectedly crazy night.

I won't go into all the details of what exactly transpired but I will tell you that I had some fun with my girls. And boys became involved. At which point we decided to go with these boys back to their place. I realize now that, that was a terrible idea!! But needless to stay I wasn't thinking straight.

Anyway we ended up unable to find these boys room and got locked in a freezing cold stairwell that we couldn't get out of. We were trapped in this stairwell without cellphones like idiots.

Luckily though just at that moment our best friend and a boy that we absolutely adore (because he's so sweet!) showed up and took us home.

Looking back on that situation this morning I realize getting trapped in the stairwell was really a blessing in disguise. I can't imagine that anything good could have come from going to those boy's room. In fact it would have been a terrible situation to be in because neither of us were thinking in our right mind.

I think God trapped us in that stairwell to protect us from much worse things that could have happened. And he blessed us with a wonderful best friend that was looking out for us.

So thank you big man upstairs for looking out for us. We owe you for everyday you have given us.

As Always, Stay Classy


Friday, February 10, 2012

The Scary L Word: Love

As a single woman I tend to gravity towards other single women in my real life, twitter, and blogging. One thing that all of us have in common is that we are obsessed with our singlehood. It is probably one of the biggest things we talk about. How we wish that perfect guy would show up. How we don't need a man and we're happy to be single. How we're lonely.

The thing is that I wonder what many of us would do in the situation if we actually found this elusive "perfect guy." Would we know what to do or would we be to scared??

While love sounds great on paper it is pretty frightening in real life. With love comes the possibility of rejection, heartbreak, and tears. But also the possibility of real happiness, fulfillment, and the enjoyment of companionship.

All of this leads me to wonder if in reality we are scared of love!

There are so many opportunities that present themselves that we choose to ignore for one reason or another but what we have to ask ourselves is, is that the real reason you won't commit or is it because we are frightened of losing ourselves or getting hurt?

It is ok to be scared of falling in love but fear shouldn't stop us from pursuing it. So I challenge you the next time you turn down a guy that seemed like he could fit well with you think about the real reasons you are doing it. You might be surprised!!

As Always, Stay Classy


Thursday, February 9, 2012

What you DIDN'T do wrong.

I recently had a conversation about how upset girls get when a guy breaks up with them or doesn't want to see them anymore. The question that comes to mind is always "What did I do wrong?" or "How could I have fixed this?"

Most often though, at least in his opinion, they did absolutely nothing wrong. He says that the saying it's not you, it's me, can apply in a lot of cases. 

When we first met someone we instantly make a judgement about them whether we want to or not. We decide if we like the way they look or the way they talk or laugh. From there we begin to break everything else down. The way they hold their fork. The way they try to open packages by pulling them apart instead of just tearing them open. (These are real reasons he has been annoyed by girls!)

We can't help but find all the little things that just bug us. We do this with everyone regardless of if it's someone we are romantically interested in or not something about everyone annoys you. 

The problem is most of the time people aren't going to tell you what these annoyances are. They will tell you it's just bad timing, they're to busy, they just don't think your personalities are compatible. When really it may of just been some weird thing that annoyed the other person and it was nothing you could really do about it. 

So I guess when the time comes that someone just doesn't feel you like you are feeling them you shouldn't be asking yourself. What was it that I did wrong? Was it the text I sent at 6AM that said my life would be incomplete without you? Or was it the fact that I call his mom everyday without him know? 

Ok I was just kidding about those. But chances are there is no need to beat yourself up about what is wrong with you because it is probably something wrong with HIM. So just let it go and find someone that may have 10 things they hate that you do but 100 things they love that make them stay. 

As Always, Stay Classy


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go for what could potentially be love? As I talked about in my post The Boy She Meet Online, meeting people online isn't that taboo anymore. So does this mean that we have a greater chance of finding our soulmate than we ever did before?

When I was younger (And way to into deep thinking!) I used to worry that the love of my life could be across the world where I could never possibly find him. But now that has become much less of a problem because it doesn't matter if he's across the world, or the country because through the internet I can still find him.

But how far would you go for this chance at love? Would you fly half way across the country to meet a stranger in the hopes that they could be your perfect match?

I mean I suppose you were answering that question yes when you began to talk to someone that you knew was far away. But what if it is simply the glamour of falling for a stranger that attracts you more than the actual compatibility.

I realize I've just asked a lot of questions and have given absolutely zero answers. But the thing is that I don't have any answers to give you just yet.

Maybe it's being scared of taking a chance or even of something actually working, of actually falling in love with someone that holds us back from doing crazy things. I constantly encourage you all to take chances and do things you never dreamed you would do, so many it's time I took that advice for myself and finally did something crazy.

This gives me a lot to think about... I apologize for the nonsensical rant but I appreciate any thoughts you may have on the matter!!

As Always, Stay Classy

 (using my real name now! Exciting!!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Sponsor!!!

This month I have the pleasure of doing my very first blog swap with Liz from Liz's Lovely Life. You should check her out I adore her and you will too!

I am Liz! I started blogging just a few days before New Year's and since starting my blog I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful ladies (like Classy Hayley here!), increased my tech/internet skills (WOW! I know!) and really found my passion for writing, trying new things and just finding happiness in the simple things. I have also learnt a lot about myself in this short time.
I am 22 years old and got married this past May- less than a month after graduating from my undergrad!! I am studying to become a teacher and come April I will graduate with my B.Ed.  I hope to be a high school French/History teacher.  I live in a small town called Spencerville (population 500) in Ontario, Canada.(That's right-brrr!)  
I enjoy cooking and baking, crocheting, Pinterest(!!!), reading, running, praying and of course- blogging!

I have met so many fantastic women through blogging-I hope to meet you to!!


As Always, Stay Classy


Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Former Boyfriend

I wrote this one week after my break-up. It makes me so happy to know that I was this sure of myself and that I still feel the exact same way. I just thought it would be nice to share with you all. 

Dear Former Boyfriend,

I loved you and I was willing to be with you the rest of my life… IF you could change just a few things. But those few things are who you are and what if I don’t like the person you become.

Even though you took away so much from me; my family, friends, most importantly my self-worth I do not hate you. I hope that you gained from me as much as you took.

Realizing that you were not my burden to bear was the most freeing feeling in the world. I am free to be myself, love myself, love whoever I want too. I just want to thank you for teaching me who I am and what I want out of this life. Though it is so much more than you could ever offer me.

Good bye forever,
Freed Spirit