Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Living In A Jar

We won't get far, flying circles inside a jar. 
- Death Cab for Cutie

Listening to this song makes me think that we so often are doing this. We fly around a small confined space looking out at the world and not understanding why we can see it but can't reach it.

The worst part is that so often we confine ourselves you these jars. We are scared of what will happen if we leave the safe confines of our comfort zone. For some of us it's that we don't believe in ourselves. For others it's that they're scared of what others will think of them.

I think this happens not only in relationships but it all aspects of our lives. We're scared to apply for that big internship/job because we may get turned down. We're scared to move to a new city because we don't know anyone. Or go to a college your friends aren't going to.

Let me be the first to say that I have spent much of my life inside of a jar. I convinced myself that the unknown was something to be frightened of. What I've learned is that stepping off into the unknown can be a beautiful thing!!

My unknown was going to school 3 hours from home where I didn't know anyone. But going for that adventure has taught me so many things and introduced me to so many incredible people I would have never otherwise met!

So I encourage you to look closely at your surroundings and see if you to are limiting your opportunities and potential. If you are do something to change that! I challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone and see what can come of it!

If you do please let me know about it. I would love to hear your stories!

As Always, Stay Classy



  1. I agree! We can't isolate ourselves in "jars" :) taking risks is part of the adventure!

    >Glad you like the Cat-Eyes! They're soo cute!

    Best Wishes from, Classic+Glam

  2. Great post. I think this is so relevant for anyone. Sometimes i feel more confined in one aspect of my life versus another if that makes sense. And I've definitely gone outside my comfort zone by moving in with my boyfriend.

    1. I completely get what you mean. And that's terrific that you've gone out of your comfort zone. You would never know your two's full potential if you didn't!

  3. Loved this post!

    First of all - Death Cab is one of my favs :)
    And I'm trying to go after my dreams even though I am TERRIFIED of failing.
    I'll never know if I don't try :)


    1. Failing is my greatest fear but I realized what's so bad about failing? Nothing really!! So we should just reach for the stars and hope for the best!