Thursday, February 9, 2012

What you DIDN'T do wrong.

I recently had a conversation about how upset girls get when a guy breaks up with them or doesn't want to see them anymore. The question that comes to mind is always "What did I do wrong?" or "How could I have fixed this?"

Most often though, at least in his opinion, they did absolutely nothing wrong. He says that the saying it's not you, it's me, can apply in a lot of cases. 

When we first met someone we instantly make a judgement about them whether we want to or not. We decide if we like the way they look or the way they talk or laugh. From there we begin to break everything else down. The way they hold their fork. The way they try to open packages by pulling them apart instead of just tearing them open. (These are real reasons he has been annoyed by girls!)

We can't help but find all the little things that just bug us. We do this with everyone regardless of if it's someone we are romantically interested in or not something about everyone annoys you. 

The problem is most of the time people aren't going to tell you what these annoyances are. They will tell you it's just bad timing, they're to busy, they just don't think your personalities are compatible. When really it may of just been some weird thing that annoyed the other person and it was nothing you could really do about it. 

So I guess when the time comes that someone just doesn't feel you like you are feeling them you shouldn't be asking yourself. What was it that I did wrong? Was it the text I sent at 6AM that said my life would be incomplete without you? Or was it the fact that I call his mom everyday without him know? 

Ok I was just kidding about those. But chances are there is no need to beat yourself up about what is wrong with you because it is probably something wrong with HIM. So just let it go and find someone that may have 10 things they hate that you do but 100 things they love that make them stay. 

As Always, Stay Classy



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    1. Thank you! I know when I found it I couldn't resist. Who doesn't love a chubby baby??

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