Friday, September 9, 2011

New City, New Life

Despite the fact that we call it spring cleaning, I feel like fall is really when we clean out our lives. The start  of a new school year and the start of a new season makes us ready for big changes to happen. Sometimes these can be as insignificant as throwing away an old pair of sneakers. But now when we're at the point of being on the edge of our future, at least us college students, the change seems like it needs to be bigger.

Moving to Kansas City from my small, rural hometown has been a dramatic change. Though it was a change for the better. The leap of faith was not an easy one one to make. I've never been a big one for change and leaving what is familiar.

I remembered crying every time the school year would change. I hated having to start over with names and teachers and rooms. If college has taught me anything it's how to be ready for change. The constantly transforming environment causes us to adapt quickly and easily.

So if anything can be learned from my experiences it's that you need to stop being afraid of taking chances. I know we hear this a million times and say we will take it to heart but we rarely put our words into actions. For once just go for it.

I promise you won't regret it.