Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Buy Guy

If you follow my twitter @Classy_In_KC I'm sure you will have noticed a plethora of tweets about this famously man that has been aptly named #BestBuyGuy. In most recent news I have discovered Best Buy Guy's real name. It is Matt:)

Now many girls, myself included would usually let a casual run in with an attractive man go. They'd be flattered that he seemed interested but never really pursue anything. And we wonder why we can't find good guys... It's because we're apathetic about pursuing them!!

While my methods (going back and telling the manager how fabulous his service was to discover his name) may borderline on creepy it's better than me sitting at home and wondering what if or continually checking the craigslist misconnections to see if maybe by some miracle he posted about you. Though that may make him kind of creepy if he uses craiglist...

I myself did check out the misconnections. None about me but some other interesting ones none the less. Here's an exerpt: Entitled You can Pick your Friends or your Nose (charming title)

As my coworker and I were leaving the restaurant today after lunch, I commented on how busy you were today, and you replied that it was better than boredom, preferable to standing in the corner twiddling your thumbs or picking your nose. I tossed that old rhyme at you with a twist at the end. You laughed and said you needed that today. Would love to see those big beautiful eyes of yours again.

And that there is exactly why I am counting myself lucky that Best Buy Guy didn't post an ad on craigslist.

What bothers me though is that women always think the man must ask for your number, call/text you first, and ask you out. Yeah good luck getting him to be confident enough to do all of those things yet not be a cocky jerk.

Sometimes we just have to screw convention and go after what it is that WE WANT. If you really liked that guy why not pursue something? Sure he may deny you but if he does so what. But what if he really liked you to but was just way to scared to ask for your number because he assumed that you were to pretty or must have had a boyfriend.

Doors will open for you only if you turn the damn knob every once in a while!!

That is my word of advice to you all and also my justification for why I will be frequenting Best Buy till I see this guy again. I'll be sure to tell you guys how that one goes.

As Always, Keep it Classy


Sex= Love, Right?

I remember distinctly when my parents had the birds and the bees talk with my sister and I. I was 9 years old and my best friends 16 year old sister just had a baby, but she wasn't married. This was radical to me so my parents were forced to explain.

What bothered me the most out of the whole conversation was that they wouldn't call it sex, they kept referring to IT (because the word it clearly implies sex) as making love. An expression that still irks me to this day. I believe that the expression making love is where the trouble all begins.

 It could be called making my self-esteem higher, making my ex-boyfriend jealous, making my relationship work, or making use of my time, but in many circumstances definitely not making any thing even close to love.

But as women all we really want is to be loved. If we aren't finding any then why the hell not make your own!

I was recently having a conversation with a guy who told me that he is straight up about his intentions when having sex. He isn't going to become your boyfriend because you slept together. Heck he says he won't even stay till morning. The strange thing is that even though he tells women this they still have hurt feelings when he doesn't call or the relationship doesn't go anywhere.

Why do we still engage in sex with expectations we KNOW won't be met? Is it because we think having our hopes and dreams crushed is fun? Definitely not! So then why? Why do we continually set ourselves up for heart ache? Because we just want to be loved by someone, anyone!

Let me let you in on a little secret, sex in fact does not indicate any type of love. Sex can be a part of love but love is never sex. Meaningless sex won't fill the hole you feel in your heart and the sooner we accept that the less broken hearts there will be. If emotionless sex is what you like then by all means go for it! But if not find someone that loves you to have sex with.

As always, keep it classy!

XOXO Hayley

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Girls Want: Revealed

The great mystery of life what women want from men. The truth is that women don’t have the first clue what they want. We pick guys that put us down and treat us like jerks because sometimes we feel like we don’t deserve any better. 
Nice guys finish last, that’s the saying isn’t it. Well nice guys just have to know how to be good guys but in the right way. It’s complicated I know!
First off, don’t be to nice. Like if I say oh I really love those girls shoes don’t go out and buy them for me. That’s just creepy unless we’re dating. We don’t want someone that’s a push over so don’t try to just agree and do everything we ask, put up a fight it makes more excitement. 
Secondly, don’t be a jerk. It’s okay to joke around and be silly but overall we want you to respect us. If you’re talking to a girl you don’t think you can respect then maybe you shouldn’t be talking to her…. 
Third, we analyze everything so don’t send us the mixed signals. Yes flirty playfulness is sweet but playing games is not. Don’t lead us on if you have no real intentions of dating us. That’s just cruel.
Fourth, be straight about what it is that you’re looking for. Most girls, at least that I know just want to know what you’re looking for. If all you want is someone to hook up with that’s ok, maybe that’s what she wants too. But if it’s not you’re just going to really end up hurting her. But that can also go the other way. If you are looking for a long term relationship make that clear because she may not be ready or wanting that.
Most of all what girls want is to be treated like they are important. We want you to want us and to care about us and what we have to say. Actually listening to a girl and and really being concerned about her feelings and thoughts is the sexiest thing you can do. 
Hopefully this helps clear some things up for you boys and girls if you have anything to add be sure to let me know!
As Always, Keep it Classy

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sometimes in Love it Lasts...

But sometimes it hurts instead....

Adele is so wise! I feel like so many of her songs speak to my soul. Especially this one I think it takes the idealistic view of our one true love and turns it on it's head. Love isn't everything I guess...

We are constantly told by images we see in movies and magazine and life that love is easy. When you find someone you love your life will be forever changed and you should never let go. But what about the other side of things. When you love someone that maybe isn't good for you, are we supposed to hold onto those people still?

I guess what so often gets ignored is the fact that to truly love and be happy with someone else you have to be Loving yourself also. That means being in relationship that improves you rather than brings you down.

So many girl (myself included) think that you have to be with someone because you love them. You overlook the fact that it can make you hate yourself being with them.

Adele says that sometimes it lasts in love, which is so true. If you find someone that makes you feel amazing about yourself and that feels the same way about you hold on tight. But don't think this is always the case just because you want it to be.

Love can hurt, but you don't have to let it hurt you. I don't just mean abusive relationships either, if you aren't getting the full amount of what you truly deserve then you shouldn't settle.

I guess the moral is that not ALL love is true ever lasting love and that's ok. True love is out there you just have to be patience enough to wait for it.

Stay Classy!!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who are you??

In a period of less than four months I have become a girl nearly unrecognizable from the one I was during my relationship. It makes me wonder about how much we let other people define who we are especially in relationships.

Sometimes in relationships the changes that happen are inevitable and normal. You may grow up a bit or cut down on partying or drinking for someone you care about. But when you start to change your appearance, opinions, and lifestyle is it going to far??

I used to think I knew exactly who I was: I am [insert guy]'s girlfriend.

When we define ourselves by who we are with it gets so complicated when we have to stand alone. I found that I HATED being defined by someone else. I want to be my own person I want to be myself alone not myself and someone else.

After I got out of my 3 year relationship I started deciding who I wanted to be and realized I wanted things I never would have "been allowed" to have in my relationship. I got a tattoo, I changed my hair color, I had fun for once!!

It's scary sometimes seeing how much I have changed but I realized that it's all in my hands now and if I don't like who I'm becoming I can change it! No problem!!

The biggest question we're all asking ourselves is who am I? Is this really who I want to be?? If it is then terrific, if not then change whatever it is that you're not comfortable with.

So I will leave you with one parting note: Who are you?

Stay Classy Lovelies,

XOXO Classy

Monday, December 19, 2011

Boyz to Men: College Life

 Making this transition from high school boys to college I've discovered that not much changes. Let me tell you a little ancedote to illustrate my point.

First day of school we have a guest speaker talking to us about how we are coming into the real world and growing up. At some point during this speech the phrase "our duty" came up and I'm sure you can guess what happens next. The word duty triggered a bout of giggles and repeating "he said doody!" from all of the young men around us.

See my point? While men may be growing older in years they are not growing in maturity. This lack of maturity also applies to college boys when it comes to dating situations. I'm not just meaning cheesy pick-up lines or dumb "how you doing??" I mean absolutely ridiculous things!

Here are some of the worst offenses I've seen so far:

Updating Facebook Status's About YOU:

I rejected a guy earlier in the year who then posted a status every time he saw me about how mean and rude I was. Seriously dude? TMI.

Drunkly Trying to Seduce You:

I was at the club with my girls and I happened to be the DD for the night. I was though holding my friends cup which lead a guy to believe I must have been intoxicated enough to want to hook up with him. After a few dances he started to KISS MY NECK!! Yes this dude did that! EWW!!
(Boys never do this to a girl you don't know, gross) Needless to say I got out of their quick!

Ditching You to Hook-up with Other Girls:

I've always been on the impression that a boy saying he would like to hang out with you mean that they are at least vaguely interested in you. Well like most men they're only interested in what they think they can get. I got ditched for a movie night and ice cream. So I got the hint, he wasn't interested. After I make a new girl friend we start talking about him and turns out he was hooking up with her when he ditched me!! Really classy...

I guess boys never really grow up but whats new!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Bummed out by Bums

I remember the first homeless person I ever saw. I was 10 years old on a family vacation in Florida and I saw this man in layers of camo clothing on the street corner with a sign. I was absolutely shocked and appalled. My ten year old mind's first reaction was to of course take him home with us and take care of him, we do that with stray dogs right? Well needless to say my parents said no.

Being from a small town homeless people didn't happen. Now being in the big city they're an everyday sight. We have all learned the look down, don't make eye contact, lock your door/cross the street policy. We don't even think twice about what he's saying or what his situation might be, maybe because it would be to hard too...

The Plaza Country Club at Christmas time is buzzing with shoppers and bums begging for money.

I'll give them that they are always polite and call me Ma'am. One even proposed to my friend!! She turned him down but I'd be really interested to see what he would do if she had said yes.

So because I feel bad writing off every person with the misfortune of being homeless this winter as a lazy, alcholic I've left some tips for how you can help or react to the homeless you might see.

#1- Give them your leftovers

Hey we all know you're not really going to reheat it and eat it later so give it to someone that will appreciate it.

#2- Support their business

I know in Nashville the homeless sell newspapers to raise money for different organizations that help them. In other cities they may wash your windshield. Hey, if they're going to work you might as well give them incentives to do it.

#3- Volunteer at a soup kitchen

With winter break rolling around it leaves us with plenty of free time to volunteer and what better way to donate your time then to help those in need at soup kitchens or the food pantry. Volunteers are always appreciated!

For places to volunteer in your area click here!!

Happy Holidays my lovely ladies!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Treat me like a class lady!

Ok ladies, we've all been there a first date with a guy that seems so great through text or online then he blows it!! We all know that all boys are immature and stupid but they aren't supposed to let that show until after at least the third date. Nobody is perfect but we don't have to put our faults and quirks out on display until after someone has gotten a chance to like you.

I like to think of myself as a pretty classy lady. I don't curse publicly, open my legs when wearing a dress with no underwear (open my legs when wearing a dress at all), or get sloppily drunk. Because of this I would like to be treated like the lady that I am.

This is what we're really thinking.

I recently went on a date with guy I met at a party, ok I'll admit that was my first mistake. I agreed to go on a date with him a few days later. While eating this guy casually dropped numerous profanities into our conversation. Let me tell you that this was a MAJOR turn off. I understand that people cuss and that's ok but please don't do it on the first date.

Another guy I went on a date with seemed a little dorky which can be cute in some cases. Admitting that you still love Pokemon and having several Facebook pictures of Pokemon characters isn't cool. To put icing on that little cupcake he also can name all of the alien races in Star Wars. Yeah...

Some of these things are OK if the girl you are going on a date with has made it obvious that those things are cool with them. Such as they admit to loving Pokemon or also curse a lot. But it's pretty safe to say that in most situations you shouldn't let those "quirks" show till after you've gotten better acquainted.

So please guys always assume that you are on a date with a classy girl and treat her as such!!
HINT: It may help you get more second dates.