Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Buy Guy

If you follow my twitter @Classy_In_KC I'm sure you will have noticed a plethora of tweets about this famously man that has been aptly named #BestBuyGuy. In most recent news I have discovered Best Buy Guy's real name. It is Matt:)

Now many girls, myself included would usually let a casual run in with an attractive man go. They'd be flattered that he seemed interested but never really pursue anything. And we wonder why we can't find good guys... It's because we're apathetic about pursuing them!!

While my methods (going back and telling the manager how fabulous his service was to discover his name) may borderline on creepy it's better than me sitting at home and wondering what if or continually checking the craigslist misconnections to see if maybe by some miracle he posted about you. Though that may make him kind of creepy if he uses craiglist...

I myself did check out the misconnections. None about me but some other interesting ones none the less. Here's an exerpt: Entitled You can Pick your Friends or your Nose (charming title)

As my coworker and I were leaving the restaurant today after lunch, I commented on how busy you were today, and you replied that it was better than boredom, preferable to standing in the corner twiddling your thumbs or picking your nose. I tossed that old rhyme at you with a twist at the end. You laughed and said you needed that today. Would love to see those big beautiful eyes of yours again.

And that there is exactly why I am counting myself lucky that Best Buy Guy didn't post an ad on craigslist.

What bothers me though is that women always think the man must ask for your number, call/text you first, and ask you out. Yeah good luck getting him to be confident enough to do all of those things yet not be a cocky jerk.

Sometimes we just have to screw convention and go after what it is that WE WANT. If you really liked that guy why not pursue something? Sure he may deny you but if he does so what. But what if he really liked you to but was just way to scared to ask for your number because he assumed that you were to pretty or must have had a boyfriend.

Doors will open for you only if you turn the damn knob every once in a while!!

That is my word of advice to you all and also my justification for why I will be frequenting Best Buy till I see this guy again. I'll be sure to tell you guys how that one goes.

As Always, Keep it Classy


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