Monday, December 19, 2011

Boyz to Men: College Life

 Making this transition from high school boys to college I've discovered that not much changes. Let me tell you a little ancedote to illustrate my point.

First day of school we have a guest speaker talking to us about how we are coming into the real world and growing up. At some point during this speech the phrase "our duty" came up and I'm sure you can guess what happens next. The word duty triggered a bout of giggles and repeating "he said doody!" from all of the young men around us.

See my point? While men may be growing older in years they are not growing in maturity. This lack of maturity also applies to college boys when it comes to dating situations. I'm not just meaning cheesy pick-up lines or dumb "how you doing??" I mean absolutely ridiculous things!

Here are some of the worst offenses I've seen so far:

Updating Facebook Status's About YOU:

I rejected a guy earlier in the year who then posted a status every time he saw me about how mean and rude I was. Seriously dude? TMI.

Drunkly Trying to Seduce You:

I was at the club with my girls and I happened to be the DD for the night. I was though holding my friends cup which lead a guy to believe I must have been intoxicated enough to want to hook up with him. After a few dances he started to KISS MY NECK!! Yes this dude did that! EWW!!
(Boys never do this to a girl you don't know, gross) Needless to say I got out of their quick!

Ditching You to Hook-up with Other Girls:

I've always been on the impression that a boy saying he would like to hang out with you mean that they are at least vaguely interested in you. Well like most men they're only interested in what they think they can get. I got ditched for a movie night and ice cream. So I got the hint, he wasn't interested. After I make a new girl friend we start talking about him and turns out he was hooking up with her when he ditched me!! Really classy...

I guess boys never really grow up but whats new!



  1. Good post. Let me tell you when you get in your 50s it still doesn't change.

  2. Good to know Ann. We can only hope that we can learn to deal with it... Thanks for the comment!