Thursday, December 8, 2011

Treat me like a class lady!

Ok ladies, we've all been there a first date with a guy that seems so great through text or online then he blows it!! We all know that all boys are immature and stupid but they aren't supposed to let that show until after at least the third date. Nobody is perfect but we don't have to put our faults and quirks out on display until after someone has gotten a chance to like you.

I like to think of myself as a pretty classy lady. I don't curse publicly, open my legs when wearing a dress with no underwear (open my legs when wearing a dress at all), or get sloppily drunk. Because of this I would like to be treated like the lady that I am.

This is what we're really thinking.

I recently went on a date with guy I met at a party, ok I'll admit that was my first mistake. I agreed to go on a date with him a few days later. While eating this guy casually dropped numerous profanities into our conversation. Let me tell you that this was a MAJOR turn off. I understand that people cuss and that's ok but please don't do it on the first date.

Another guy I went on a date with seemed a little dorky which can be cute in some cases. Admitting that you still love Pokemon and having several Facebook pictures of Pokemon characters isn't cool. To put icing on that little cupcake he also can name all of the alien races in Star Wars. Yeah...

Some of these things are OK if the girl you are going on a date with has made it obvious that those things are cool with them. Such as they admit to loving Pokemon or also curse a lot. But it's pretty safe to say that in most situations you shouldn't let those "quirks" show till after you've gotten better acquainted.

So please guys always assume that you are on a date with a classy girl and treat her as such!!
HINT: It may help you get more second dates.

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