Friday, December 16, 2011

Bummed out by Bums

I remember the first homeless person I ever saw. I was 10 years old on a family vacation in Florida and I saw this man in layers of camo clothing on the street corner with a sign. I was absolutely shocked and appalled. My ten year old mind's first reaction was to of course take him home with us and take care of him, we do that with stray dogs right? Well needless to say my parents said no.

Being from a small town homeless people didn't happen. Now being in the big city they're an everyday sight. We have all learned the look down, don't make eye contact, lock your door/cross the street policy. We don't even think twice about what he's saying or what his situation might be, maybe because it would be to hard too...

The Plaza Country Club at Christmas time is buzzing with shoppers and bums begging for money.

I'll give them that they are always polite and call me Ma'am. One even proposed to my friend!! She turned him down but I'd be really interested to see what he would do if she had said yes.

So because I feel bad writing off every person with the misfortune of being homeless this winter as a lazy, alcholic I've left some tips for how you can help or react to the homeless you might see.

#1- Give them your leftovers

Hey we all know you're not really going to reheat it and eat it later so give it to someone that will appreciate it.

#2- Support their business

I know in Nashville the homeless sell newspapers to raise money for different organizations that help them. In other cities they may wash your windshield. Hey, if they're going to work you might as well give them incentives to do it.

#3- Volunteer at a soup kitchen

With winter break rolling around it leaves us with plenty of free time to volunteer and what better way to donate your time then to help those in need at soup kitchens or the food pantry. Volunteers are always appreciated!

For places to volunteer in your area click here!!

Happy Holidays my lovely ladies!!


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