Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who are you??

In a period of less than four months I have become a girl nearly unrecognizable from the one I was during my relationship. It makes me wonder about how much we let other people define who we are especially in relationships.

Sometimes in relationships the changes that happen are inevitable and normal. You may grow up a bit or cut down on partying or drinking for someone you care about. But when you start to change your appearance, opinions, and lifestyle is it going to far??

I used to think I knew exactly who I was: I am [insert guy]'s girlfriend.

When we define ourselves by who we are with it gets so complicated when we have to stand alone. I found that I HATED being defined by someone else. I want to be my own person I want to be myself alone not myself and someone else.

After I got out of my 3 year relationship I started deciding who I wanted to be and realized I wanted things I never would have "been allowed" to have in my relationship. I got a tattoo, I changed my hair color, I had fun for once!!

It's scary sometimes seeing how much I have changed but I realized that it's all in my hands now and if I don't like who I'm becoming I can change it! No problem!!

The biggest question we're all asking ourselves is who am I? Is this really who I want to be?? If it is then terrific, if not then change whatever it is that you're not comfortable with.

So I will leave you with one parting note: Who are you?

Stay Classy Lovelies,

XOXO Classy

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