Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sometimes in Love it Lasts...

But sometimes it hurts instead....

Adele is so wise! I feel like so many of her songs speak to my soul. Especially this one I think it takes the idealistic view of our one true love and turns it on it's head. Love isn't everything I guess...

We are constantly told by images we see in movies and magazine and life that love is easy. When you find someone you love your life will be forever changed and you should never let go. But what about the other side of things. When you love someone that maybe isn't good for you, are we supposed to hold onto those people still?

I guess what so often gets ignored is the fact that to truly love and be happy with someone else you have to be Loving yourself also. That means being in relationship that improves you rather than brings you down.

So many girl (myself included) think that you have to be with someone because you love them. You overlook the fact that it can make you hate yourself being with them.

Adele says that sometimes it lasts in love, which is so true. If you find someone that makes you feel amazing about yourself and that feels the same way about you hold on tight. But don't think this is always the case just because you want it to be.

Love can hurt, but you don't have to let it hurt you. I don't just mean abusive relationships either, if you aren't getting the full amount of what you truly deserve then you shouldn't settle.

I guess the moral is that not ALL love is true ever lasting love and that's ok. True love is out there you just have to be patience enough to wait for it.

Stay Classy!!


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