Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go for what could potentially be love? As I talked about in my post The Boy She Meet Online, meeting people online isn't that taboo anymore. So does this mean that we have a greater chance of finding our soulmate than we ever did before?

When I was younger (And way to into deep thinking!) I used to worry that the love of my life could be across the world where I could never possibly find him. But now that has become much less of a problem because it doesn't matter if he's across the world, or the country because through the internet I can still find him.

But how far would you go for this chance at love? Would you fly half way across the country to meet a stranger in the hopes that they could be your perfect match?

I mean I suppose you were answering that question yes when you began to talk to someone that you knew was far away. But what if it is simply the glamour of falling for a stranger that attracts you more than the actual compatibility.

I realize I've just asked a lot of questions and have given absolutely zero answers. But the thing is that I don't have any answers to give you just yet.

Maybe it's being scared of taking a chance or even of something actually working, of actually falling in love with someone that holds us back from doing crazy things. I constantly encourage you all to take chances and do things you never dreamed you would do, so many it's time I took that advice for myself and finally did something crazy.

This gives me a lot to think about... I apologize for the nonsensical rant but I appreciate any thoughts you may have on the matter!!

As Always, Stay Classy

 (using my real name now! Exciting!!)


  1. Hi Hayley! Nice to put a face to the blog!

    1. I decided that since I get to see all of your guys lovely faces it would be nice to be a "real" person!!

  2. :) Oh, and please make sure to do a post that is fashion/beauty related!! Have a great Wednesday!

    Best Wishes,
    Halle from

  3. My husband and I met up through facebook- we went to the same university, were from the same hometown and had a lot of mutual friends but it took the wonderful power of the internet to bring us together and go out..and the rest is history really :) But you were right the other day when talking about online dating-it is pretty taboo- when asked how we met we don't always tell people that it was through Facebook, we have to consider who we are talking to before we reveal that little gem of information.

    1. That's awesome! I hate that we have to feel ashamed. I actually met a guy on twitter (strangely enough). But I've been honest about not actually knowing him in person with my parents and they're actually ok about it. I hope with their support we can meet in real life!

  4. Sometimes after I check my messages on the dating website I am on I clear my browser history out of shame. Lol. It's silly but true. So many people meet their future spouses online these days, I cannot figure out why I am so embarrassed. But it still feels...desperate to me at times. And that is the last thing I want to feel. So stoked to find someone that is going through the same thing! XOXO (Sorry I don't have the answers. Lol)

    1. That's ok! They were more rhetorical questions anyway! But I completely agree that online dating shouldn't be an awkward or shameful thing but we feel like it is. I guess we have to keep trying and just be proud of whatever we do!