Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Boy She Met Online

Ok if you recognize the title The Boy She Met Online as being a lifetime movie that is about, wait for it.... about a girl who met a boy online, then you are amazing!! I am a huge lifetime movie fan mostly because they give titles that say directly what they are about. But this post is not to talk about how magical that movie was (which is was). This post is to talk about the frightening yet interesting world of online dating.

I have to admit I absolutely love the couple on the eharmony commercials. They seem so happy and believable!! I realize that the couples probably are all actors that have never met that person before but let me just pretend that it's real.

I know that online dating used to be considered a shameful thing to do but with our increasingly technological world it's starting to make more sense.

Heck, I am only 20 years old and have only been single for 5 months (Wow! Had no idea it was that long.) but online dating is starting to look kind of appealing. Not saying that I will do it but if I can find a guy as hot and sincere seeming as the ones on the commercials I'll give a shot.

So for those of us on the fence about online dating I have listed the five reasons to GO FOR IT and the five reasons to DON'T DO IT.


1. Easy way to meet lots of singles
2. Easily tell if they are gansta or not.
Ex: "Wat ^ gurl? U lokn fly." Reply:...... (don't reply to that!)
3. Find people with similar interests.
4. They are putting their profile online too so you won't seem that desperate!
5. Narrow done by qualities you want


1. They may not actually be a single
2. They may not be an attractive, wealthy 26 year old man
3. They may not be a man at all....
4. People are different online than in person
5. OK they could be major creeps

So clearly a lot of people have had success with online dating and you may be one of those people!! Just decide what will fit your lifestyle best. And ALWAYS be safe when meeting strangers in real life. Always tell your friends/family where you are going. Meet in a public place. Never let them pick up. Set up a check in time with a friend to tell them everything is ok.

If you choose to venture into the world of online dating just be sure to stay act like a classy lady and not a crazy one like this girl.



  1. Hey! do you have an e-mail I can reach you at?

    1. Yes ma'am I do!! classyinkc@yahoo.com!

  2. Replies
    1. Have you tried it before or are you just a fan?

  3. I say.. GO FOR IT! I've contemplated it so many times myself, and decided that if I'm still single when I graduate... then I'm definitely going online! No shame :)

    1. I love your enthusiasm! And I agree we shouldn't be ashamed of how we find someone. Just happy that we found them!

  4. We know so many people that were matched online! We have had so much fun with the Find Some Love Fest! It's such a great way to connect with and support our fellow bloggers. We are following you and would love for you to visit our blog.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Terrific!! I'm so happy to hear it's worked for so many people. I am loving the Find Some Love Fest too!!