Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Men Want

So since I did a post on what girls want my guy friends thought that their opinions needed to be heard too! And believe me did they have some opinions. Get excited because this is actually going to be part of a three part series!! Try to contain your joy and lets get started.

What I’ve discovered is that guys basically want what girls want someone that’s honest and straightforward with them as they described it a “straight shooting woman that tells it like it is.” Not surprising that this what EVERYONE wants so enough with silly games we all need to just say what we mean and life will become considerably easier.

While every guys perfect girl is different there were a few key things that I noticed from them and from other guys that they look for in a girl. 

  • Having a Brain- Shocker, boys like girls that have the ability to have a conversation. In fact they find playing dumb to be just dumb and unattractive. Guys want a girl they can talk with and relate too. You don't have to be interested in the same stuff just able to hold your own in a conversation. 
  • Disagree- Agreeing with them about everything they say is "one of the most annoying things ever." This kind of goes along with having a brain they want a girl that is her own person and doesn't act like a bobble head going uh hu repeat.
  • Laugh- I think a nearly everyone wants someone with a sense of humor and that can take a joke. While being goofy is fun be careful not to overdo it. Don't be a) joking 24/7 and never be able to be serious or b) laughing like a hyena, not attractive.
  • Be Classy- While having your tah tah's hanging out may get you a lot of male attention it's not the kind of attention that will get them to take you seriously. Sure they like seeing the goods but why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? So ladies if you are trying to land a guy give off the right impression and look classy.
I feel like these are all pretty reasonable requests that us ladies can attempt to fulfill. Some other things that were mentioned were that they like girls that are good kissers (no surprise there), have nice hair, and that have accents. 

Overall though what guys and girls for that matter want most for the person they are with the be themselves. There is nothing hotter than a genuine personality. If they don't like who you are then they definitely aren't the person for you. 

Tomorrow look for how to get a guys attention, as told by men!!

As Always, Stay Classy


P.S. If you have differing opinions tell me! or on twitter @Classy_In_KC

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