Friday, January 27, 2012

Zooey Deschanel: Making Quirky Cool

If you have ever seen Zooey Deschanel in her latest show New Girl you can probably guess exactly what this post is going to be about. Even if you have seen her in anything else she is in Yes Man, 500 Days of Summer, The Happening, and Almost Famous you'll understand that she is probably the cutest quirky girl there is.

But what I love about her is that she girls the awkward girl a fighting chance! Not only is she known for her quirkiness on screen but also the fact that she's gorgeous and such a likable character. 

As a girl or even just a person that would like to fit in, in society I can understand the pressure to be "normal." I've never considered myself to be sexy or suave so I feel like it was a major struggle through my early teens to try and be what I was "supposed to be." 

Laughing to loudly, being clumsy, telling those dead end stories that aren't so funny, these are all things that I tried to hide because I didn't want to be weird. What I think Zooey has done is make all those things that would seem out of place desirable qualities. 

Guys now openly appreciate and admire girls with a little extra pizzazz. Which means there is hope for girls like me and I'm sure many others!! 

So let this be my official declaration that awkwardness is in!!

Take a page out of Zooey's character, Jess's book and cry while watching Dirty Dancing over and over and over and over.... Make up a song to sing about everything. Most of all just be yourself and don't be afraid of what that is!!

As Always, Keep it Classy



  1. Love this! I haven't seen the show, but I'm so not normal!

    Excited to follow along!

  2. I really like her show! I love her quirkiness!

  3. Found you from the Follow Friday link up! So glad that Awkwardness is in, thanks to Miss Deschanel! Everyone's awkward, let's just embrace it! Cute post.

    -Frances @ GrownUpLand

  4. Hey! Thanks for the comment! Love Zoey D :)

  5. So glad all you girls agree with me on this!!!

  6. I love her hair! It's adorable!
    Just dropping by from Hollie's linkup. :)


  7. hi! I'll add your button. Will add mine? :)

  8. @Holly
    Thank you for stopping by!! I absolutely love your blog and so thankful for the help your link up has given me in getting more readers!