Monday, January 30, 2012

Compliments from a Brother

For this story to make sense I must first let you all know that I'm a small town girl from a primarily white community. The first black kid we ever had in school wasn't till high school so moving to Kansas City was a major culture shock to me. I'll be the first to tell you that I think everyone is equal black, white, or purple we're all the same when you turn us inside out. But there are some definite cultural differences in what lingo we use and what is socially acceptable.

My campus is probably a mix of as many whites as blacks. And let me tell you I am just now getting used to these daily ego boosts. I love walking through the lobby of my dorm and having boys tell you how great you are looking. It's amazing, white guys take note!!

But sometimes we get lost in translation on some of the compliments. For instance we had a discussion today with my friend that I will call J about a compliment he gave us. 

J said that one of my girls was thick and she took that as being called fat! So of course she got upset and was horribly offended that he called her fat. The funny part was that he meant it as a compliment. When it comes to black boys being called thick is a good thing. 

Here's how he explained it: Guys don't want a girl that's to skinny. She has to have some meat on her bones (aka a booty) and that means she's thick but it's hott!!

Growing up I've always been taught thin is pretty but honestly I kind of like this meat on your bones philosophy. I wouldn't consider myself a girl with body image issues but I will admit I have felt the pressure to be a skinny minnie. I love that there is an entire race of people that appreciate women for being real and having real bodies!

Not to say that we shouldn't be healthy but 100 lbs isn't healthy for a lot of girls so they shouldn't have to feel like they need to meet that standard. 

I guess overall I just wanted to say that I appreciate guys appreciating me every once in a while regardless of race or whatever. It just so happens that black guys do it more. 

So when you get a compliment, even if you don't quite understand it, take it and say thanks and let it brighten your day!

As Always, Stay Classy



  1. haha! That was a good post :) Keep on bloggin'!


  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! :D It made me laugh- in a good way!!! :)


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    1. Thank you girl! I'm glad you found it inspiring!!