Friday, January 13, 2012

A Generation Without Love

We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together. 

I think that our generation is underestimated. They make us out to be that  all we care about is sex and emotion free hook-ups. I will admit we put up quite a good front. Our music, our shows, our styles, our behaviors all make us seem as though we have risen above the need for feelings.

I think that the love, the feeling, the emotions are all still there they are just more easily disguised than before. Or maybe it's the fact that nothing is disguised anymore. Sexuality is a common theme in nearly everything for our generation but just because we own up to our human desires doesn't mean we've lost the most basic of ones. 

We are the generation that can disconnect ourselves from our emotions. We can have sex without a second thought about the consequences but bury the emotions deep inside.

Who can blame us for making our skin thick though? We continually watch relationships crumble, with divorce rates through the roof many of us have had front row seats. If love doesn't last then why would we ever want to believe in it or share it with someone else. 

People that have been hurt before tend to keep their guard up. That's exactly what our generation does. We keep our guard up about love because we know how bad it can hurt and how often it does. We live in fear of actually believing in something only to watch it fall apart. 

In the end it's not the love that is gone for us. It is the trust in that love that has really disappeared. We can't believe in what we feel because what we feel is fleeting and only lasts a moment. 

This brings to mind a line from How I Met Your Mother, Ted says, "The beauty in the moment is that it is fleeting."

I guess the lesson learned here is that we are a generation of the vulnerable people of scared to admit we are in love  because we are scared it won't last. But when we don't allow ourselves to be in love we miss out on so much more than we ever know. So my call to you is to turn us from a generation of "not being in love and not being together" to being a generation that loves without regret and finds a way to make it last. 

As Always, Stay Classy


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