Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cover it Up to Class it Up

One of my biggest pet peeves is that women complain so much about men disrespecting them when they haven't done anything to earn their respect in the first place. First impressions are everything not only in professional situations but in life in general.

Fact: People will judge you by your appearance.

Because of that you hold the key to how they will make their decision and a lot of it will be based on how you are dressed. So here is my little twist on the golden rule:

Dress yourself like how you want others to treat you. 

I can tell you for a fact that people will respect you more and take you more seriously if you don't walk around with massive cleavage. As women we are already fighting an uphill battle to be respect by men and society. When we dress provocatively we may get attention but definitely not in the right way. Men stop listening to wait we have to say and start thinking with the head below the belt. There is definitely a time and a place for this but everyday life is not it unless you are a hooker.

This all may seem like common sense but I think it still needs to be said. Sometimes we say one thing but don't match our actions. So before you go to class, work, or just to hang out with friends think about what message you are sending with your outfit and is it the one you want to send??

As Always, Keep it Classy


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