Monday, January 23, 2012

The Importance of Telling the Truth

Confession, I absolutely HATE disappointing people or hurting their feelings. I can't stand telling someone no about anything. Sometimes in my pursuit to be nice I end up being way more cruel than I really actually intended to be.
A great example of this is a guy that has liked me for several months that I have been avoiding telling that he has no chance for a relationship. I have known that I would never date actually date this guy all along yet I wouldn't ever just straight up tell him this. 

I guess I just thought that if I kept ignoring his texts he would get the hint but after trying that for several weeks it clearly wasn't going to work. 

This back and forth has been going on for a few months and it was my New Year's resolution to finally tell this guy that he didn't actually have a chance. I thought it would be terrible but turns out he was totally ok with just being friends and appreciated my honesty in just telling him.

So ends up that I yet through a lot more trouble than was actually necessary. I guess the moral is that if you have something you need to say then just say it. Honesty is almost always the best policy!!

As Always, Keep it Classy


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