Sunday, January 22, 2012

Concert Etiquette

Last Friday I went and saw one of my favorite bands, Jack's Mannequin, live at the Beaumont Club in downtown Kansas City. Which was a fantastic venue by the way. We had to wait in line outside for a bit and it was FREEZING but it was definitely worth it. The Beaumont Club was so close and personal. Really no matter where you were in the venue you had a pretty clear view of the stage.

Andy playing piano

He's an incredible performer!!! 

Even though the concert was fantastic there were definitely some things I noticed that were extremely rude that you should never do at concerts!!

#1 Getting Mad at People Bumping You

Something that always frustrates me at concerts like these is that people glare at you it you bump into them or step on their toes. We are all in an extremely crowded area and chances are I bumped into you because someone else bumped into me first so chill out. 

#2 Stopping directly in front of people.

During the show a large man wandered through the crowd pushing everyone then stopped right in front of a 5' girl and just stood there. We had been standing waiting for the show for forever and this guy decides to just show up and but in front of us. So rude. But don't worry he didn't stop there he made it even worse...

#3 Groping Strangers

That large man that rudely stopped in front of us also proceeded to grab my sister's ass. But wait it gets worse. Not only did this man that was probably 20 years her senior grab my 18 year old sisters ass (he's lucky she's that old) his girlfriend was right there and thought the whole thing was just hilarious!! What girl thinks that is funny?? 

Regardless of how big or dense of a crowd you are in you should never intentionally grope someone people, it's just not polite. 

#4 Being indecisive about where you are going

While one of the most popular songs was being performed an attractive dude came through the crowd and just stopped in front of us and then kept circling through our area, ruining the moment we were all having. In fact I think he thought it was funny. A girl next to me told him to leave and everyone started shoving him away, he deserved it. 

#5 Don't go if you don't like it.

My top pet peeve about concerts is when people go but don't really want to be there. They just put in ear buds or glare at you for singing along. Why waste your money if you don't want to actually enjoy the show. 

Overall please just be respectful of people around you when at any event!!

As Always, Keep it Classy



  1. I completely hear you on the bumping into the person. It is not like you are doing it on purpose! Great concert etiquette advice! xo

  2. Your poor sister! That is crazy!

  3. I wish I could bring this with me to all concerts!

  4. Ahh thanks for the love girls!! And Carlie: I know I felt so bad for her!! I was like crouched over here being all protective. Nobody messes with my sis.