Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So Cosmo says you're awkward...

So Cosmo says you're awkward, well I ain't down with that.

I really hope for all our sakes that you read that title to the tune of Baby Got Back because that's what was going on in my head when I wrote it.

You may have noticed some recent changes to the blog if you are a former reader. Well congratulations! You get to move with me to a new stage of my life. I've just kind of grown out of Classy in KC. That was really about me finding myself and getting over my past relationship. Now I am all about embracing the girl that I am!

Let me introduce you to Awkward Girl Cosmo. Like most women in their early twenties I am an avid reader of Cosmopolitan to learn everything about how to attract men and keep them. My problem lies in that all of Cosmo's tips and tricks are directed towards women who already have an ability to be naturally sultry anyway. Those girls may be out there, but believe me I'm not one of them.

My concept is to create a version of cosmo's advice that can be applied in real life to actual girls that aren't already sex goddess and that can't remember where each anatomical spot of the alphabet is that we're supposed to be touching.

I've always been told that the thing that makes you most attractive is your confidence. So while I may not be sexy or graceful you better believe I make ever bludder with the upmost confidence in myself that it's ok. Since I've been doing it, it has seemed to work pretty darn well!

While sky high heels, a killer body, and the perfect thing to say can make you feel confident they don't have to be the only things that do.

I encourage you to simply embrace the awkward. 

Stay True,
Hayley XOXO

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