Thursday, December 20, 2012

Since the world is ending...

In case you didn't know tomorrow is the Mayan apocalypse. Personally I don't believe the hype because this seems awfully similar to Y2K but I think that the worlds impending demise brings up some interesting things we should be thinking about.

So lets say hypothetically that the world is in fact ending tomorrow. What would you do with your last days on earth? I posed this question to a close friend and his response was go bungee jumping. While there is certain nothing wrong with that it got me thinking about why we put things like that on our bucket lists.

If you listen to that country song "Live Like you are dying" he mentions that he would go sky diving and ride a bull and all that jazz. Does is strike anyone else as odd that we feel like these are things that would make our life complete and fully "lived." Why have we only fully experienced life if we do a set list of risky activities like sky diving and bungee jumping? There's nothing wrong with wanting to do those things but if you could only do a few things where would your priorities lie?

We are encouraged to live everyday like our last and I think we interpret that as we should take risks when really I think it means you should appreciate what you have in this moment, right now.

My family has a habit of always telling each other I love you and hugging and kissing before we part. No matter if you're just going to the grocery store. I never hang up the phone without saying I love you to my parents or any of my siblings. For me living like you are dying means that you can leave the earth right now having said everything you needed to say.

What was the last thing you said to someone you love? Would you be ok if that was the last thing you ever said to them? If not tell them how much they mean to you not because it's the Mayan apocalypse, but because you never know when your last chance to say it will be.

But on the off chance the apocalypse does happen we have our survival packs by the back door!

As Always, Stay Classy


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