Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Forget Old Fashioned Dating Rules

So I know I previously mentioned the guy I will call Frat Boy if you didn't catch that post you can read it here. Well last week he was on spring break and I know both of us have been super busy and we haven't had much time to talk because he's not a fan of texting (he thinks it's a bad way to have conversations which is kind of admirable of him).

Because of this we had not made plans to hang out again. This lead me to sitting there debating well should I just ask him or is that not right?

I put up the question to some of my twitter followers who had mixed signals. They said if he wants to talk to you he will. But then again he rarely texts anyone and he knows I'm really busy. Plus he's initiated  our last couple of hang outs.

Being the modern minded girl that I am I decided to go ahead and do the dreaded contacting him first. But what's the worst that can happen?

Well I'm glad that I did because he was thrilled to make plans to hang out but just wasn't sure if my schedule would allow since he knows that I do just about everything there is to do on campus.

Sadly we have to wait till next week because neither of our schedules line up this week. He has to attend like a million concerts for his classes so I think he is excused.

My point is though that old fashion dating rules should just go out the window. If you want something go after it see what happens. Sometimes when you take a chance it may just turn out right!!

What are your all policies on contacting the guy first?


  1. This isn't 1950. You totally made the right move. :)

    1. Blerg. I keep trying to comment and it isn't working!
      I just wanted to tell you way to go! It's awesome that you put yourself out there and it worked out. :)