Saturday, April 28, 2012

Color blind in love?

To kind of explain what I'm trying to get at with this post I'm going to start with a recent experience some of my friends and I have. We all go to school in Kansas City which is obviously a very diverse area with many racial backgrounds. 

One evening one of my girlfriends and myself were going out to a bar to watch a sports game. Two of our guy friends were also going out with us. Only when we arrived at Buffalo Wild Wings and I noticed the odd looks from some of the other guys similar in age to us did it occur to my girlfriend and I that we were two white girls with these two very black guys. 

We didn't even really notice it before because they are just guys that we are friends with not our "black" friends. But to the other people at BWW's it probably looked like we were couples. But what is wrong with that?!

Even though we live in an age where we have the freedom to choose to date or marry anyone of whatever race we want (not gender... yet) it doesn't mean people don't still have some issues with it. 

We are divided very distinctly into girls that like black guys or girls that only like white guys. I hate that. I hate that I am put into a category of who I like or what I should like. 

Is it so wrong to like a guy for their personality whether they be Black, White, Indian, Arab, Mexican, Asian whatever!! 

I think we need to stop dividing ourselves into those  girls only date white guys or black guys. Or those boys only date white girls into we only date people that treat us with respect. We only date people that make us feel good about ourselves. We only date people that make us laugh. There are SO MANY other factors that go into a person other than their race. 

The movie Beauty Shop comes to mind. It's one of mine and my girls favorite movies. Not only because Queen Latifa is DIVA but because it preaches the message that it's ok to date someone because you like them even if you are white and they are black. It's about the heart not the skin. 

Probably the best thing my sixth grade teacher ever told me was "everyone's the same if you turn them inside out." 

So that's my little soap box for the day. What are your guys opinions? Would you or have you ever dated someone of a different race than your own?