Monday, April 16, 2012

The Power of Puppy Love

I apologize all for the brief hiatus from blogging. School has been so crazy lately!! I promise to try and blog at LEAST every other day hoping everyday but I don't want to make promises I can't keep. Hope you all enjoy. I look forward to catching up with your lives!

We've all heard the expression puppy love and most of us blow it off as being nothing but kids infatuation. But what if puppy love is more real than we all make it out to be?

During our pre-teens and teens (weird that I'm not a teen anymore!) we are going through crazy hormonal changes and our emotions are at an all time high. Technically speaking this seems like we should have an emotional capacity to love much more (chemical) than at any other point in our lives.

I remember in middle school the crushes I had and the feelings I felt were like nothing I have ever experienced. When a boy didn't like me it was nearly the end of the world. Whereas now it hurts I cry and I'm done with it. Maybe I've grown up and learned how to handle it better I'm not sure.

What brought all this up is the fact that I recently ran into my long time grade school crush after not seeing him since graduation. This boy is exactly the type of guy you would fall in love with forever in school. Attractive, super athletic, charming. He was captain of the football team, student body president, the works. I have volumes of diaries devoted to this boy and countless hours spent wishing he would like me.

Seeing him and finding out that he, like myself, is also single made a flood of emotions just like I was back in 6th grade when I found out he didn't like the pretty girl in our class. Maybe I'm crazy but I feel like my puppy love for this boy has literally lasted me for the past 15 years.

For your guys amusement I also professed my undying crush to this boy and described the outfit he had been wearing the first day of school kindergarten. Luckily he thought it was really flattering and not creepy.

But do you all think grade school crushes are in some ways the real deal or are they just a bunch of silly emotions?


  1. First off, kudos to you for letting him know about your crush on him! He'll probably be thinking about that for a long time.

    And as for puppy love being real love, I think it is true. A friend of mine and I had a puppy love relationship. We still kind of do. We were boyfriend/girlfriend back in elementary school (the kind of relationship where you don't actually spend time with or even talk to them, just have the title), then he moved away, then came back in 8th grade but by then I was dating - more like having lunch in the cafeteria with - his best friend (whom I didn't know was his best friend). Then he moved away and back again, and we finally dated in our Junior year of high school. Things didn't work out because of the timing on that one - he just got out of a long relationship and I was busy with college plans. Anyway, after that ended we seem to keep finding each other every so often. And every time we do its like everything is still the same.

    Love is love. Whether you call it puppy love or not, if you really truly do love that person, it'll stick.

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. Welcome back!
    I missed you and your posts girl!!
    Happy Tuesday!