Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dang you Mr. Darcy!!

If you guys haven't caught on yet I am a little obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, namely Mr. Darcy. I am seriously going to name my children after the characters. Bennet, Darcy, is Pemberly a cute name? Clearly I have issues but that's not what this is about.

I think Mr. Darcy's character has give us horribly skewed ideas about romantic relationship and men (what's new with Hollywood?). The thing is that he isn't made out to be an absolutely perfect man like most movies, that's why it's so deceptive.

Initially Mr. Darcy is a pretentious, pompous jerk. I love him but I'll admit it he thought he was much to good for Elizabeth's crazy family. I feel like her family is just like mine. We are so crazy!! But then he turns out to be a really great guy that actually does a lot of nice things for the Bennets.

While this is absolutely lovely to the romantic story (thanks Jane Austen :)) it isn't very realistic at all.

The problem is that we are lead to believe that guys that are jerks are really going to be fabulously romantic and tell us that they love-- love-- love us. But really they are probably just jerks and we shouldn't waste our time.

So while I love Mr. Darcy so dearly I have to admit to myself that he is a fictional character that is loosely based on a guy that loved Jane Austen (not me sadly). So even though I say I'm on a pursuit for my own Mr. Darcy the truth is that I should really be on a pursuit for my own Mr. Right.

Single ladies: don't let your image of what your perfect guy should be cloud your vision from seeing when he is right in front of you.


  1. That's an interesting topic: if books alter our own expectations towards reality. When it comes to Mr. Darcy though, I have a different take on him. I see him as a person who is indeed worried about his friend getting married to a gold digger. Don't get me wrong! We all know Jane and her family are not gold diggers, but they do give that impression sometimes. However, it's like you said, he thought he was better than Lizzy's family. Still, a great character and I also love him!

  2. haha that is so true! I have a mr. darcy complex when it comes to dark brooding guys

    1. Me too!! I swear I was convinced my last boyfriend was Mr. Darcy lol

  3. I love him, Pemberly is super cute.