Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mr. Darcy's Good Opinion

"My good opinion once lost is lost forever."

I am a huge fan of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. If a man were to quote any of his lines (except the snotty ones of course) to me I would probably tell him that he has bewitched me body and soul. Ok but lets get to the read point of this post which unfortunately isn't actually Mr. Darcy.

But it is about what Mr. Darcy has brought up. Is a good opinion lost forever? Can you ever really trust someone that's broken your trust before?

To tell you all the truth I can't think of to many instances where I have been blatantly lied to. In the one case where it happened I don't think I will ever or will ever want to trust that guy again. But what if he had been someone I genuinely cared for and wanted a relationship with. I'm not sure about that. 

What's interesting about this is that we have trust in relationships to being with. There is so little trust left in our society. So few of us trust what we hear on the news or in the media. Even less of us trust politicians or our government to tell us the whole truth. 

Yet some how we are able to still have trust in the people we love or care about. That in itself is pretty incredible. It's amazing that we can find it somewhere inside to ourselves to have faith in each other. 

So if we can begin with so much blind faith in people that we love does that mean we can keep it up even if we've been "betrayed?" I guess it just depends on the situation and the level of betrayal that occurred. It also sort of depends on how much you can be ok with. 

Guess he changed is opinion :)

For some people we take the harsh Mr. Darcy opinion and our good opinion/trust can never be regained. While that may be the best method to protect ourselves I'm not necessarily sure it is the best option always. I think there are exceptions to every rule. 

What are you're all opinions on this subject?


  1. I'd say it would depend on how you view betrayal. For me cheating would be the ultimate betrayal that I don't believe I could come back from no matter how long I've been with someone. However you choose to handle a situation you just always have to be able to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and be comfortable with what you see.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. I agree. I think cheating for me would also be the ultimate betrayal. But you are right that it is ultimately being comfortable with your decisions! Thanks for your insight Jayme!

  2. I agree with Jayme. Although I don't think Seth will ever do that. Trust is a fragile thing though, and when you have it with someone you don't want to let go!

    PS-Your comments are always so kind on my blog! I want to email you back on some of them, but your email is not connected to your comments so just know that I think you are very sweet! =)

    1. Well I will figure out how to connect my email next time! And you are very welcome! I also don't think Seth ever would from my limited view of your relationship through your blog he seems like a very trustworthy guys!

  3. Wow this post could not be any more relevant to my life right now. Honestly, I think that breaking trust is a huge deal breaker. And I think it's super hard to fully ever regain trust whether it's with a loved one (don't worry, it's not M!), family member, or friend. I've distanced myself from many a friendship because of broken trust... Happy hump day!