Sunday, March 4, 2012

Forgive and Forget: Part 2

Sorry for it taking so long for me to write this post!

So my previous post was all about how we hurt ourselves by not letting go of the past and forgiving people. Today I want to talk about what forgiveness does for you not that it's not good for the other person too.

By complete coincidence this happened to be the priests sermon today which was crazy that it was exactly what I was thinking about already. It was really cool like he was talking straight to me.

The most striking line to me of his whole sermon was when he talked about how you have to open your hand to receive love. But you can't receive it unless you let go of what is in your hand already. All your anger and resentment. As long as we hold onto grudges and bad feelings we can't ever accept love or feelings from someone else.

I think a big misconception about forgiveness is that someone has to ask for it or that you're doing it for the other person. Really forgiveness is about making things right in your own heart not necessarily theirs, even though that would be a bonus.

For myself I forgive by trying to justify what the other person did. I tell myself it wasn't personal or that they were influenced by another factor that made them the way they are.

For instance I forgive my ex for everything he did to me because that's the way his Dad acts and that's the way he was raised to treat women. I'm not saying it was right but I think in his mind it didn't seem wrong.

But what I ask myself after I do all this justification is why? I don't need to make excuses for anyone else or try to make them out to be a better person. I should forgive them because I am the better person. I can be the adult in the situation.

Truly what it comes down to is being an adult and caring enough about yourself that you don't need to continue being upset or angry at someone.

So I challenge you all to let go of whatever you may be holding onto to. You can do it openly through a comment or if you'd feel more comfortable shoot me an email about how you are letting go of a grudge ( Or just do it on your own!

Just remember you are letting go for YOU.

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  1. Your picture summarizes everything well!

    >I love the new signature, gal! ;)


  2. I have such a hard time with the forgetting part, but also have a hard time with the entirely forgiving part! Makes the wheels turn in my head.

  3. My husband and I just had this conversation yesterday. He is amazing and forgiving and moving on. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. That's great Jayme!! Obviously that's why he's your husband because he knows how to make a relationship last!