Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Spunky Spring Break & Other Adventures

First of all I want to apologize for going totally MIA on you all. But no I haven't broken both my hands I've been super busy on spring break doing all sorts of fun things that I'm excited to share with you all now!! As I know all of you would agree while blogging is a big part of my life FAMILY comes first and I wanted to cherish and maximize all the time I got to spend with my wonderful one, so here we go.

New Puppy!!

My baby sister (Not a baby anymore she's 19) has gotten a dog to live with her at her soon to be her own apartment!! It's incredible to think she's grown up enough for all that. But while I was home I got to spend lots of bonding time with the new pup.

Her name is Phoebe!! Yes, like Phoebe Buffay from Friends :) 

Me, Phoebe, and the sister

Her wonderful parents.

While she is like the cutest dog on the planet she is only a puppy and about 2 months old so she is going to be HUGE and she is already a handful running around chewing on everything. I'll be happy to be her aunt and get to visit but not take care of her everyday like my poor sis. 

In case you were curious we believe she is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, but she was a rescue so we aren't completely sure.

New Tattoo!!

My sister and I also spent part of our break down in Eureka Springs, AR. If you haven't been there before it's a great little get-a-way town full of music, art, and quaint bed and breakfasts. They also have some really great tattoo artists which is why I make the drive down there to get my new one done. 

We got matching tattoo's that say Soeurs which is French for sisters and honors our french heritage and our sister bond! You'll notice after mine there is a rose which is my sisters middle name. Since my middle name is Kiah there isn't really an object to go with that so we just picked a bird/dove to represent me since I have always been the peace maker of the family. 

Here is mine and yes it did hurt on the ribs but I'm tough!

This is the sis's. 

While tattoo's aren't for everyone and I totally respect that I think they are beautiful ways to express your personality and things that you cherish. If you are thinking about getting one I'll tell you the best advice I got before I got my first one:

Pick something that will never change for you. My first is a lotus flower that says Love Yourself around it (that should never change!) and obviously I will always be a sister and love mine no matter what. 

We also got the chance to go out and see a ton of our friends that I've been missing while I've been away at KC. 

But since I've been so busy I haven't been reading any of your lovely blogs so tell me what have you all been up to this week?

PS. Happy St. Patricks Day!!


  1. its great that you have such a close relationship with your sister! I think thats very important :)

    Have a great week!

  2. Such a cute puppy!

    And I love your tattoos! My sis and I both have tattoos already but we've been planning to get each others nicknames (jaxx & jess) on our wrists. It's an inside joke that we call ourselves "wrister" instead of sister. We just have to wait until our next visit to get it.

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. Thank you!! That's a really cute idea. Make sure you post pictures when you guys do it!

  3. I agree with your tattoo advice. I don't have one, and would never be able to decide on what to get because I would be afraid of not liking it after awhile. But you'll always have a sister! very cool.