Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lady in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets

Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets. 

You could say that this phrase accurately describes what men want and what a lot of young women aspire to be. A quick search on twitter will reveal this exact philosophy being tweeted and retweeted endless times on a daily basis. It's a saying that has been engrained in our culture but greatly contradicts everything else our society tells us. 

Women by societies standards are not supposed to admit to having any kind of sexuality but at the same time are supposed to be able to turn on the sex-kitten when with a man. It creates an intense double standard for young women where we are told to be sexual "freaks" but conceal it from society. 

Heaven forbid anyone finds out that you are a "freak in the sheets" because you're required to be a lady! Then you're a slut that is unacceptable for dating. 

This double standard is not only applied in how we are supposed to act but in how we are supposed to dress. Wearing anything low cut or tight makes you easy and a whore. But if you dress to conservatively you're prude, up-tight, or stuck up.

Essentially we can't win. You can't be the lady and the freak without being somehow wrong. This idea that is imposed on women is not only silly but damaging. It creates a standard that we can never fit and lends way to objectifying women even more. That to be ideal you have to be a sexual goddess and a perfect lady at the same time.

How about we go back to simply being ourselves. I am neither a perfect lady or a sexual freak, I'm Hayley and I'm defined by a lot of things but not some gimicky phrase.

Everyone, especially women need to stop reenforcing these double standards and negative messages. Start defining yourself by your words and your actions not what you think men want you to be.

As always, stay classy



  1. Truer words were never spoken! We should just be ourselves, and stop judging everyone else for being themselves.