Sunday, July 28, 2013

Buenos Aires: The Paris of South America

Numerous times I've heard Buenos Aires referred as being the Paris of South America. Having never been in Paris I can't really make a good judgement but if Paris is dirty and full of lovers then they might be on to something.

Tonight on my walk home from my university, I decided to take the scenic route rather than cut through the mall like I normal do. The air tonight is cool but not cold and I was enjoying it. This decision then led me to be waiting at a stop light to cross the street with two 12-year olds that were making out and snuggling while waiting to also cross the street I assume. Or maybe they had just chosen that spot to stop and express their love for each other, it really could be either here.

As I was trying to not look extremely creepy, being the only person standing directly next to these young star-crossed lovers, I realized that Buenos Aires really is the city of love. I also realized that I kind of love it.

Street Art in Buenos Aires: Source

In the US, it would be looked down upon to just make out on a street corner but here it's normal. Couples publicly display their affection all over the place. But also unlike in the US it's generally not lewd or obscene. At least from what I've experienced it's not hands going into the no-no square, just to people sharing an intensely intimate moment.

The chances of these two 12 year olds relationship actually developing into something serious are basically slim to none. But at that moment you would think the were the most in love people in the world. They aren't the only ones either, I've witnessed it several times with adult couples also. Even when you are being hit on by an Argentinian, you would almost believe that they were completely enthralled with you. Though you haven't even spoken a word to them yet.

How I usually feel! Source

There's something to be said about people that can be open with their heart, that can just lay it all out there for the world, regardless of the outcome. As an outsider to this culture, it makes me realize just how cold we as a society really are. We may love each other, even in non-romantic situations, but we rarely choose to physically express it because that goes against our societal norms. It's just really interesting to be immersed in a culture that wears its heart on its sleeve practically all the time.

That's just my two cents for the day. Buenos Aires may not appear to be the city of love at first glance, with the angry driving, graffiti, and dog droppings/trash everywhere, but in the people it's pretty easy to find an abundance of love.


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