Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend at Mar Del Plata

In honor of Cristobal Colon Day this Monday we had long weekend. As much as I would like to go into the irony of it all, especially in South America where many indigenous people are still oppressed I will instead just tell you about my lovely trip!

I've been dying to go to the beach and convinced my friends that, despite the not so warm temperatures we should try to do it anyway. Mar del Plata, meaning Sea of Silver was a lovely beach city. Because we were there in the off season it was pretty quiet and much cleaner than Buenos Aires. While I really enjoyed the city, there isn't much to do besides the beach, especially if it's not summer time.

I had just accidentally soaked my pants.

The temperatures ranged between low 50- 60s most of the weekend only getting hot (72) on the day that we were leaving. But we didn't let that stop us! While Argentines in winter coats watched we got into our bikini's and ran into the freezing (REALLY REALLY FREEZING) ocean. It probably wasn't the brightest idea, but I don't seem to be sick yet!

It's much colder than it looks!

Because of the weather and lack of other activities we spent a lot of time at the hostel, which was really fantastic! The owner was super nice and genuinely helpful. She spoke both English and Spanish and we spent a good couple of hours chatting about politics, economics, and the US with her. She also let us sat past check out time so we could go to the beach one last time before we caught a bus back to Buenos Aires. If you're ever in Mar del Plata I would highly recommend the Hotel Pergamino, it was a great experience.

It was super foggy Sunday.

We cooked all our meals, had some great life chats, and slept on the beach. All in all it was a fantastic lazy weekend!

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